October 6th, 2008

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 06

Don’t Make Your Blog an OpenID Provider

Aaron Hockley writes “One of the new features in Will’s plugin is the ability for a WordPress blog to act as an OpenID provider. I know there’s some logic behind this feature, but it’s not for Joe Blow with a Blog to take over the word as yet another provider. My buddy Adam wrote a piece at Webmonkey titled Make Your Blog an OpenID Provider, but I respectfully disagree with that proposition.”

Reflections: Notes from Running WordCamp Portland

And Aaron Hockley writes this as well “Last Saturday was WordCamp Portland the first WordPress blogging conference in Oregon. I led a team of volunteers to produce and manage the event, based somewhat on other WordCamps I’ve read about along with other tech events in our area. This is a writeup on some things to consider for other similar events.”

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