April 13th, 2009

Silicon Forest startups: Would you mind sending me your logo?

Lately, I’ve had more and more folks asking me for my “business card.” However, what they’re really asking for, I believe, isn’t my business card. Rather, it’s my side project card. That is, they’re seeking contact information for Silicon Florist.

Since no one ever asks for my side project card, I’m going to punt and pretend that they really want Silicon Florist cards.

But see, here’s the thing. Slapping the Silicon Florist logotype on the back of the card seems a little gratuitous and over-the-top to me. It also strikes me as a complete waste of good real estate.

So I came up with this idea: Why don’t you send me your logo and your URL and I’ll gratuitously slap THAT on the back of my side project business cards?

Because truly, this isn’t about me. It’s about you.

Maybe you’ve got a super cool event?

Open Source Bridge

Maybe you’re one of the best meetups anywhere?

Beer and Blog

Maybe you’re a well established startup?


Maybe you’re a brand new startup?


Or maybe you’re just one of my perennial favorites?


Get to it, you startup type you. First come, first served. I’ve got 100 available image options for the cards I’m getting printed. If I get 100 submissions, you’ll appear on the back of one card. If I get fewer than 100 submissions, you’ll be on the back of more cards.

Who qualifies? Here’s your checklist:

  1. Do you have a Web-, open-source-, or mobile-focused event, startup, or side project located somewhere in the Silicon Forest?
  2. Does it have a logotype or mark associated with it?
  3. Are you capable of designing the back of a business card using this template or these MiniCard instructions?
  4. Can you upload that design to Flickr and tag it with sfMoo?

Good. Then you’re in.

And come to think of it, if I get more than 100 submissions, I’ll just order more cards.

[UPDATE] Here are the folks who have submitted a logo, thus far.

I’m looking forward to seeing your logotypes and marks—and spreading the love about the cool stuff on which you and the whole Silicon Forest are working.

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12 Responses to “Silicon Forest startups: Would you mind sending me your logo?”

  1. Done! (Just ordered our own next batch of Moo cards the other day in order to include new .com and new Twitter identity, so had it handy…)

  2. Mateu says:

    While we’re at it, some of us need logos, know there are many great designers in town, but after reading approx 7234096 web articles, blog posts and slide sets, haven’t seen *one* article on how to wind up with a logo you and your customers love. Articles, recommendations & other thoughts welcome.


  3. Thanks Rick. May you reap the eternal rewards of never-ending Bacon for your work here.

    Team Bac’n

  4. Bram Pitoyo says:

    Here’s hoping that we get to fill all one hundred of them minicards with unique Portland-area startups and events logo. From all the meetups I attended every week, there sure seems like there are enough of them to go around :)

  5. Robb Shecter says:

    Awesome idea, Rick. Thanks! The best part is, now I’ve got a card design…

  6. Thanks Rick. Wonderful idea!

    We are a group of enterprising Eclipse.org committers. We help people reuse Eclipse technology in their web- and client-based Java software. Two of us are in Portland.


    Kind regards,

  7. Great idea guys, the logo selection is wonderful

  8. Too many peoples dont realise all is needed in our subject, and I think also we are repeatedly underrated or axiomatic. Never the less I ‘m happy to see that you may feel the same manner I do, thanks so much for this post! .

  9. [...] when I asked all of you Silicon Forest startups to send me your logo so that I could put it on the back of my business cards? People love those [...]

  10. J.R. says:

    Hey Mr. T,

    Is this still going on? If we send the new Cloudability logo, can we share in the logo-displaying wealth? While we’re on the subject … when are we going to make that big beautiful silicon forest startup poster? Talk to me …


  11. Rick Turoczy says:

    Yes, yes, and in all of my free time.

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