May 28th, 2009

Portland Ten II: Your bootstrapping bootcamp awaits

Portland Ten II: Your bootstrapping bootcamp awaits

The days of spring are quickly transitioning into the days of summer. And that means there’s no better time than now for dragging a new crop of startups—kicking and screaming—through the intensive bootcamp mud in hopes of creating viable, sustainable, and profitable companies for Portland’s future.

Enter Portland Ten, round two.

(Did anyone else just flashback to driver’s ed? Or was that just me? “Ten and two, Mr. Turoczy. Ten and two.”)

What’s Portland Ten, you ask? Well, let me… err them tell you:

Portland Ten is a 12-week intensive bootcamp for tech founders. We also support local initiatives that strengthen the early stage and seed funding communities in Portland, Oregon.

We work with entrepreneurs to clarify and align their concept, and strengthen their ability to commercialize and manage a project at the $1MM or more level. We provide brutally honest 3rd party perspective and accountability both in peer and 1-on-1 mentoring settings.

Founders increase their ability to plan and execute milestones, and internalize and apply best practices from venture capital, bootstrapping, and project management methodologies.

You may recall that the original announcement introducing the Portland Ten concept resulted in a bit of a dust-up. Maybe even a kerfuffle, if you will.

But when that dust settled, the first four Portland Ten participants had been chosen.

Now, the original class has been thoroughly put through the ringer. Broken down and built back up. Learned in the ways of the successful startup. And those four founders are continuing to work to build their companies and reach Portland Ten’s ultimate goal: creating 10 companies that can generate $1 million in revenue by October of 2010. (Get it? 10/10/10?)

Who knows? They might even be in charging of hazing the incoming class.

Sound interesting? The cost of the program is $500/mo for each founder. The program runs three months. I’m not that good with the numbers but that’s $1500 to you and me to participate in the program.

For more, see the Portland Ten overview.

If you’d like to apply, the application period for Portland Ten II is still open. The next session will be held from June 8 – August 30, 2009.

For what it’s worth, I am totally applying for Portland Ten IV. Then I’m going to talk in CB-speak the whole time, good buddy.

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