June 9th, 2009

Social Photo Talk looks to help frame social media for photographers

Social Photo Talk looks to help frame social media for photographers

You likely spend a ton of time interacting on the social Web. Using Twitter. Updating Facebook. Uploading to Flickr. Posting code to Github. Sharing presentations on Slideshare. Writing blog posts. Leaving content here and there that inspires others to comment and respond.

But, unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t engage in—or even understand—this type of behavior.

That’s a shame. Because for many folks, the social Web could provide a number of valuable interactions. Aaron Hockley was smart enough to realize this. And now he’s looking to help his photographer peers with Social Photo Talk.

For the Flickr or Twitter savvy photographer, Social Photo Talk promises to be a location for mentoring less savvy—but social media curious—peers.

Aaron has been adding some content to, well, get the conversation started.

What makes social media, well, social? Conversation. Traditional media and marketing is one-way, aimed at sending a controlled message in one direction: towards the target audience. Tools that are described as social media are bidirectional, allowing the person who was originally in the recipient role to engage in a dialog with the content producer.

And who is Hockley to advise on this sort of thing? Well, I’d argue he’s one of the most social media savvy people I know. And, he’s been a key component of the growing Portland blogging scene. What’s more, he’s a damn fine photographer.

Social Photo Talk is written by Aaron Hockley, a photographer and technologist living in Vancouver, WA. Aaron has fifteen years of experience in the technology industry and is part of the active tech scene in the Portland area. As part of Portland’s technology community, Aaron has been active in various forms of social media, including the founding of WordCamp Portland and the Portland WordPress User Group.

Sound interesting? You’re darn tootin’. Or shooting. Or whatever.

For more information, visit Social Photo Talk, grab the RSS feed, or follow @socialphototalk on Twitter.

(Image (taken by Bram Pitoyo) courtesy soycamo. Used under Creative Commons.)

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2 Responses to “Social Photo Talk looks to help frame social media for photographers”

  1. Ed Borasky says:

    WordPress is social media? Who knew?

  2. Marshall says:

    That’s awesome. I bet something like this could be done in just about any niche you can imagine. Way

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