June 11th, 2009

Love Linux? Linux Plumbers Conference would love to have you speaking

Love Linux? Linux Plumbers Conference would love to have you speaking

Next week, we’ll dive headlong into the first ever Open Source Bridge conference. But that doesn’t mean Portland’s open source event fun is over for this year. We’ve got Linux Plumbers Conference and LinuxCon coming up in September.

September? Why am I talking about it now, then? Well, if you’re doing some interesting things with Linux, Linux Plumbers is really interested in hearing you talk about it. But you have to submit your talk by June 15th.

And you’ll be joining some ridiculously cool speakers already on the docket:

We have an exciting program shaping up! Tutorials include an advanced git tutorial from Linus Torvalds. Keynotes include Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO, live via video with real time Q&A (invitee, to be confirmed), and Keith Packard, Intel, X Window guru.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, get your topic together, then. Here’s some guidance on the type of talks they’re seeking.

The perfect Plumbers topic would feature a real problem whose solution requires the relevant community members to get together face to face, preferably producing a solution during the conference itself. This of course requires buy-in from maintainers and other high-profile people active in the area.

Now that you’ve got your idea, go to Linux Plumbers Conference and submit your proposal. (Which will be a joy, because they’re running the awesome Portland-grown OpenConferenceWare.)

Good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing you speak in September.

(Hat tip Mark Lawler, Dawn Foster)

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