June 16th, 2009

FLIR and GadgetTrak partner to protect spendy infrared cameras

FLIR and GadgetTrak partner to protect spendy infrared cameras

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: GadgetTrak may be one of the most underrated startups in Portland. And they just signed another deal that makes me look like I know what I’m talking about.

GadgetTrak has signed a deal with FLIR Systems to incorporate GadgetTrak tracking technology into their infrared cameras.

I love it when Portland companies succeed. But when two Portland companies get to work with one another? That’s even better.

The new product—dubbed ThermaTrak™—uses GadgetTrak technology to locate the geographic location of the infrared cameras. And given that these cameras can run in upwards of $400,000 per rig that could translate into significant savings.

With the software installed, FLIR camera owners will be able to ascertain the camera’s location, IP address, and ISP when the camera comes in contact with a live Internet connection—and it will send an email with an updated set of information every time the camera is connected.

”This is the first-ever theft tracking system for IR cameras. We are very excited to announce our exclusive agreement with GadgetTrak to offer this new recovery technology customized to FLIR IR cameras,” said Tom Scanlon, vice president for FLIR in a press release. “The affordability and protection is exactly what our end-users want.”

The ThermaTrak product joins the line of GadgetTrak solutions for Mac, PC, and mobile devices that are helping users protect their assets from theft. Or simply helping them find them if they lose them.

Me? I’m looking forward to CarKeyTrak.

For more information on ThermaTrak or any of the GadgetTrak solutions, visit GadgetTrak. For more on the ThermTrak, see the GadgetTrak and FLIR press release.

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