June 23rd, 2009

Sad news: OpenSourcery releases some talented employees into the wild

Sad news: OpenSourcery releases some talented employees into the wild

I’d been hearing some rumors about Portland-based OpenSourcery—a popular open source development shop with a proclivity for Drupal projects and a burgeoning application development arm—having to make some cuts. And, unfortunately, after confirming with CEO Brian Jamison, I’m sad to report that the rumors are true.

OpenSourcery has had to let some of its staff go.

While I didn’t ask for definitive numbers, former employees affected by the cuts estimate around half of the staff is gone.

No one envies the decision to cut staff. With this economy, however, it seems to be one of the realities of business. But, it’s always possible that something good could come out of this. To paraphrase Brian, OpenSourcery’s loss could be your gain—especially if you’re in the market for development talent.

“The folks we had to let go are all extremely talented, great people,” said Jamison. “I hope some of your readers will take advantage of this and snap them up.”

If you’ve been affected by the OpenSourcery layoffs, please let us know about your skills and what you’re looking to do. We’ll try our best to play matchmaker. You can use the comments below or you can join the Silicon Florist LinkedIn group to make connections with local startup types.

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8 Responses to “Sad news: OpenSourcery releases some talented employees into the wild”

  1. GeekSalad says:


    At Open Source Bridge last week it was scary how many people I talked to who either weren’t working or didn’t have as much work as they needed. Shades of 2002-2003; those years were brutal here in PDX.

  2. Rick Turoczy says:

    @GeekSalad Completely agree. But, on the upside, barriers to entry—at least as far as accessible technology and the power to do something incredibly cool with very little go—are much lower for these talented folks this time around.

    That said, I realize that that doesn’t necessarily put food on the table. :/

  3. Sorry to hear about the cuts at OpenSourcery. It’s a great group of people.

    For anyone with the skill set, I’ll just quickly remind you that AboutUs is still taking applications for a sysadmin, a UI designer/developer, and a UX designer.

  4. Sorry to see another oregon company having troubles. We are hiring over here!


  5. Amy Farrell says:

    My company, Kavi, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer. Polyglot preferred.

  6. Jmartens says:

    Lots of jobs posted over in the PDX Tech group on LinkedIn…it gets a few each day: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=125526

  7. Bummer — my thoughts go out to the laid-off crew. We just filled two spots at DevelopmentNow, but if something else (php/rails) opens up here I’ll definitely reach out.

  8. Ken Westin says:

    GadgetTrak is looking for solid Linux developers, focus on Ubuntu.

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