July 6th, 2009

Uniquely Portland Oregon opts for a more businessy kind of PDX tweetup

Uniquely Portland Oregon opts for a more businessy kind of PDX tweetup

Now, if you’re in Portland, you’ve no doubt received the Twitter pitch. You know, the whole “Why aren’t you on Twitter?”, “I heard about it on Twitter”, “Isn’t everyone on Twitter?” treatment?

And if you’ve succumb to the pitch, you’ve likely been invited to a tweetup or two. Maybe at Whiffies. Or at the Green Dragon. Or maybe just a random get together.

They’re all in good fun. But what if you’re interested in a more business-like get together? Well then. The Uniquely Portland Oregon inaugural tweetup may be for you.

Now aside from having an awesome URL—pdxtweetup.com—the Uniquely Portland tweetup also has a bit of different bent.

Bring your business cards and meet other liked-minded business people! Introduce yourself to your fellow Portland Tweeters! Enjoy the coffee and treats of Sip & Kranz Coffee Lounge! Hear national speakers and trainers, Rich Fenton and Andrea Waltz!

Learn the joy of exclamation points! Oh wait, that wasn’t one of the motivations for attending. But you never know.

The SEO-ingly named PDX Uniquely Portland Oregon tweetup organized by Tony Thomas, The PDX Guy, takes place Friday, July 10 at 6 PM. Which means you can still make it to Beer and Blog Portland and then head over to Sip and Kranz for the tweet up.

Interested in attending? RSVP to the PDX Uniquely Portland Oregon tweetup on Upcoming.

Oh, and speaking of Twitter. If you’d like to follow the goings on here, follow Silicon Florist. Or if you’re a glutton for punishment, follow turoczy.

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3 Responses to “Uniquely Portland Oregon opts for a more businessy kind of PDX tweetup”

  1. Jeff Katz says:

    ugh! why does it seem that everything is on a Friday late afternoon/early evening?

  2. @Jeff Katz – you should try a Wednesday night on for size sometime. :)

  3. Tony Thomas says:

    Thanks for the great write up! (dig the exclamation mark? hehe)

    I’ve heard the cry and, as any good host would, I’ve acted on it.

    The next Uniquely Portland Oregon.com Tweet Up is on a THURSDAY! The 12th of November to be exact. Even more fun to be had, this time around. Hit the web site and let me know you’re planning to attend. http://www.pdxtweetup.com

    Thanks again, Silicon Florist ;)

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