October 27th, 2009

Need a little more detail on that startup? Try VentureMash

Need a little more detail on that startup? Try VentureMash

When it comes to definitive resources to house information on startups around here, the options are fairly slim. You can track it yourself, you can read the fluff I write here, you can pay for a subscription to a research service, or you can work to embed the information you’re seeking into existing resources like AboutUs.

And that, my friends, is what we in the biz like to call “an opportunity.” Well, leave it to some enterprising entrepreneurs to take that opportunity and run with it. Introducing Portland-based VentureMash.

What’s VentureMash? It’s like a more open version of CrunchBase that allows entrepreneurs to categorize and maintain information on their projects.

Entrepreneurs are VentureMash’s core audience. They provide the energy and passion for creating new ventures. However, we recognize that even the most successful entrepreneur cannot succeed by themselves. They need investors, board members, freelancers and vendors to provide support and help at the right time. For this reason, we also make it easy for these groups to be involved in VentureMash and support local entrepreneurs.

But it’s not just an information resource. VentureMash is designed to help entrepreneurs make the connections they need to help their startup projects become successful companies, be that finding cofounders, researching funding resources, or simply just discovering their peer group.

The site—which has been running in private beta—is now open to the public and accepting submissions. Basic listings are free.

And what do you get for your hard work? Well, you get a cool widget you can use to share your information. Or to let other people share your information. Or whatever.

I mean, I’ll use it when I write about your project. And hopefully other folks will too. And that means—no matter how dated the article information becomes—the latest and greatest information about your company will always be embedded in that post—with more information only a click away. It’s like you’re editing Silicon Florist on the fly. (Now, if we could only figure out a way for you to do that with the content, itself.)

For more information or to submit your venture, visit VentureMash. Or keep tabs on all of the ventures being added by following VentureMash on Twitter.

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