November 6th, 2009

Portland Wiki project: City? Wiki. Wiki? City.

Portland Wiki project: City? Wiki. Wiki? City.

For all the wiki activity in Portland—I mean, c’mon, the inventor of the wiki lives here—Portland has been virtually bereft of a wiki of its own.

Until now. There’s a new project underway called Portland Wiki. It’s goal? To document everything there is to know about Portland, Oregon. And you’re invited to help. I mean, it’s a wiki. Duh.

Last WikiWednesday, About Us hosted a barn raising for Portland Wiki to help get the site framed and roofed and whatever.

In the wiki world, a gathering dedicated to work on a particular site is called a Barn Raising, and this month we’re devoting WikiWednesday to a barn raising for a Portland city wiki.… A city wiki is a place for everyone to find and share information that matters to their community, and now Portland will have one too.

Not familiar with wiki concepts? That’s okay. This would be a great place to start learning. Especially considering that, at this point, the Portland Wiki is fairly tabula rasa.

Now that the structure is there, creating content and linking up pages is a definite priority. So sign up, dive in, and start building some content.

For more information, visit Portland Wiki.

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10 Responses to “Portland Wiki project: City? Wiki. Wiki? City.”

  1. Steven Walling says:

    For anyone interested in the Portland city wiki, please feel free to dive right in and edit. The site’s in its very early stages, so there’s lots of low-hanging fruit to choose from.

    Thanks for the post Rick. :)

  2. Amber Case says:

    Yay! Glad this is off the ground! Mark Dilley was telling me about a week ago, and I was excited that there was going to be… “YEAH! A Portland Wiki!”.

  3. Michael says:

    nice. it is already look good. but where are the short url?

  4. Michael says:

    could this turn perhaps evolve into a quasi-form of meta governance? ? dunno.

  5. Dave Myers says:

    With luck, meta governance by the people. For goodness sakes, please edit.

  6. Erik Benson says:

    Rick – your link to the PortlandWiki doesn’t work…is the site down for maintenance?

  7. Rick Turoczy says:

    @Erik Hmm. Appears the site is having issues. :(

  8. Dave Myers says:

    Unfortunately recent server updates at DreamHost (where the wiki is currently hosted) are apparently not going well. Attempts to restore db tables have hot succeeded yet. Several trouble tickets awaiting resolution. Sorry. Hopefully all will be well again soon.

  9. Russell says:

    I’m glad Portland has a wiki now! I used to live in Davis CA and they have an awesome wiki which might be useful as a guide

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