February 9th, 2010

Dear Portland startups: You’re a rising star and you’re cool. Why not prove it at the Oregon Technology Awards?

Dear Portland startups: You’re a rising star and you’re cool. Why not prove it at the Oregon Technology Awards?

No doubt, running a startup and being an entrepreneur is all about hard work. Heads down, rolled up sleeves, “eyes on the prize” hard work. It’s why you do what you do.

But I’ve got to tell you, people. Every once in awhile, you need to stop, poke your head up, and let people know how incredibly cool your pursuits are. Trust me on this one. It will only help you. And here’s on opportunity to do just that: the Oregon Technology Awards.

There are two particular categories that I think you’ve got a chance to win.

Rising Star: Presented to the company that has made significant progress in the past year. This technology company’s growth in the past year puts it on track to make a positive impact in their markets and on the regional technology community.

Cool Product of the Year: Presented to the company that has developed, and/or introduced a cool product some time in the most recent 18 months, and had a significant demonstrate-able success in the past 12 months. The product can be a hardware, software, or technology-service product which is innovative and has created significant new opportunity for the company.

I mean, those sound just like what you’re doing, right? They do, don’t they? So why don’t you apply, silly goose? I know you could win. I just know it.

Why? Well because Jive Software won the Rising Star, last year. And GadgetTrak won the Cool Product.

And honestly? I’d like to see you get some of that same recognition. Because you deserve it. You’re doing some amazing stuff.

But you’ve got to hurry. Nominations are due February 12. That’s this Friday. So head on over to the Oregon Technology Awards and start filling out your application.

Still not sold? Well maybe you’d like to spend some time of the Oregon Technology Awards site. Or you could always follow ORTechAwards on Twitter. But whatever you do, I’d still like to encourage you to apply. If you don’t play, you can’t win. And I know you could win.

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