March 2nd, 2010

Here, File File! Here file! Why are you so far away? C’mere file. Such a good file.

Here, File File! Here file! Why are you so far away? C’mere file. Such a good file.

We’ve all been there. That one document. The one you really needed. No, not that one. Not the one you grabbed. The one you actually needed. Yeah, that one. The one sitting on your Mac’s desktop at home, while you sit miles away at a meeting needing to access it.

What if getting to that file was as easy as grabbing your iPhone, connecting up your Mac far far away, and grabbing the file? Well, now it is. Thanks to Portland-based Here, File File!

Here, File File! is a combination of a Mac OS X app and an iPhone app that work together to give you remote access to your desktop directly from your iPhone—all via Bonjour.

Here File File!Access a file? That seems rather nebulous. Exactly what kinds of files can you manage using Here, File File! Well let me tell you. Or let them tell you. Or whatever.

Documents: Microsoft Office, iWork, pdf, rtf, rtfd, txt, html

Media: plays music, streams video, presents pictures. It’s a little complex but the gist is if the iPhone will play it, then Here, File File will too.

That’s pretty cool.

Setup is incredibly simple. Just add the app to your Mac (sorry Windows and open source OS users), and let it run in the background. Add the iPhone app (sorry other mobile platforms). Then, pair the two. Presto. You’ve got remote access to your files no matter where your machine is sitting. I mean, so long as it’s on.

It’s technology, people. Not magic.

I’ve been running the apps to test them out, and they’ve been super speedy over wifi. Edge has crapped out a few times. But let’s be honest, Edge craps out a lot. So I’m thinking it’s Edge.

Now, it’s not free. The Here, File File! iPhone app will run you $9.99 through iTunes. But the desktop app is free. So there you go. Don’t say they never gave you nothing.

For more information or to figure out how this newfangled technology stuff works, visit Here, File File! Need more critical insight? See the write-up on Here, File File! from The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

(Hat tip Chris Brentano)

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