June 21st, 2010

GenJuice: Official Gen Y entrepreneur tour swings by Portland June 23

GenJuice: Official Gen Y entrepreneur tour swings by Portland June 23

There are any number of events and conferences and camps in Portland that work to get likeminded people in the same room. Generally, these revolve around a certain topic. Like a coding language or a blogging platform or cyborgs.

But now, we’re getting the chance to experience something a little different. It’s a conference that’s based on both entrepreneurial innovation and the age of those innovators. Introducing the official US Gen Y innovation tour, GenJuice.

The tour has a crazy schedule. We travel to 13 cities over 40 days. We will be in Portland for two days. On the first day, we travel around the city interviewing young entrepreneurs who we admire. We stream all of these video interviews and videos of us exploring the city on the GenJuice website.

On the last day in each city, we hold our “unconference” event and tweetup for approximately 60-75 attendees all between 17 – 29. At these unconferences, attendees will get a fun introductory performance from local artists, hear a keynote from a seasoned local entrepreneur and lead/contribute to attendee-led discussions.

What’s more, they’re looking for young entrepreneurs to interview. So if you’re one of those type of folks—which I think you may be—why not comment below and we’ll get you connected with the GenJuice folks?

Interested in attending a meetup with the GenJuic folks on June 23? You can sign up to meet with GenJuice on Wednesday afternoon. Need more info? Like GenJuice on Facebook or follow GenJuice on Twitter.

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One Response to “GenJuice: Official Gen Y entrepreneur tour swings by Portland June 23”

  1. Hey Rick! Thanks for including a blurb about GenJuice on Silicon Florist. Hopefully we’ll see you on Weds.

    We are scaling the event down and will have a simple meetup at the Nedspace event later on from 4 – 6 PM. Can’t wait!

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