October 18th, 2010

Trying to be a great dad? Maybe you’re Father Apprentice material.

Trying to be a great dad? Maybe you’re Father Apprentice material.

I know. The first thing I thought of when I heard Father Apprentice was the thing that probably popped into your head too. I immediately wondered if it was new reality show where some rich dude with poorly coifed hair yelled at a bunch of guys trying to raise their kids. Actually, that might be pretty entertaining…

Oh. I’m sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. As far as the site goes, it turns out I was partially right. It is a competition. But only with yourself. And Father Apprentice is the cheat sheet.

Father Apprentice is a new blog—maybe even a community—that offers a series of posts, videos, and interviews designed to give you insight, ideas, and a little motivation to be a better father.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what Portland’s own Chase Reeves, new dad and proprietor of Father Apprentice, tell it.

See? Not only did that give you a good idea about what Father Apprentice is trying to accomplish, it gave you a glimpse of the awesome production quality you’re going to experience. Those videos are just pretty to watch.

Even if you do have to look at Chase. Ahem.

So new dad, old dad, new mom, what have you tune into Father Apprentice to get a refreshing take on the “daddy blog” motif. Chock full of tips, tricks, things to try. And one that’s sure to keep you both entertained and inspired.

You should know: this is not a community of experts. All dads make it up as they go. We’re not coming down the mountain with a handful of commandments here at Father Apprentice. We’re just taking our experiences on the chin and relaying some helpful insights that might make you enjoy being a dad more.

This sh!t ain’t easy. But here you are. So let’s kill at this. Lets f!cking rock at being daddy. I hope you find it easy to be a part of this place.

For more, visit Father Apprentice, follow @FatherApprentic ([sic] Twitter limitation) on Twitter, or like Father Apprentice on Facebook.

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One Response to “Trying to be a great dad? Maybe you’re Father Apprentice material.”

  1. Chase says:

    You *love* my coifed hair!

    Thx for checking Father Apprentice out! I really appreciate it. A couple great posts that have come out in our first month are:

    - The Importance of Being A Good Enough Dad
    - Why Dads Are More Better Than Moms


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