November 18th, 2010

Fear change? Steer clear of FMYI’s latest project, Change Agents Unite

Fear change? Steer clear of FMYI’s latest project, Change Agents Unite

Portland and the Northwest are full of people who think differently. Who try to change things for the better. Who try to live more sustainably. Who try to change business. Who try to innovate in new and interesting ways.

Now, Portland’s FMYI—a company with sustainability at its very heart and soul—wants to help highlight those people who are trying to change the world. And to reward them. Introducing the Change Agents Unite movement.

I probably don’t write about FMYI as much as I should. But if you run in the sustainable circles in Portland you’ve likely encountered them.

On the surface, FMYI is a Portland startup that’s designed a tool to help teams manage communications more effectively. At its heart, however, FMYI is a company founded on the concept that every company has a responsibility to the environment—no matter what they do. They adopted that stance before it was in vogue. And they’ve remained committed to it.

Now, they’re looking for others with similar drive. To change the way that people work and think. “Change starts with just one person committed to heading in a different direction who inspires others to follow,” they assert. FMYI wants to find those “change agents.”

Are you a Change Agent? Have you ever thought of need in society to address or identified a challenge within your organization? Have you ever taken that thought and put a plan into action to create that missing link? Did that action result in societal or environmental change for the better? Did you unite people to create change? We want to hear from you!

And once they find them? They’re going to be rewarded. Both with the collaboration of like minded peers and with a little free software to boot. That’s right. Not only will FMYI be bringing change agents together to share their stories and support one another, FMYI will also be donating a free lifetime subscription to three outstanding change agent teams.

That’s more than chump change.

So if you’re a change agent—or know someone who is—unite.

For more information, visit Change Agents Unite. Or follow @changeagentsnow on Twitter. To participate in the contest, visit Change Agents Unite on Facebook.

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