January 13th, 2011

Got some questions about your pics? Monday might be a good day to Learn Photography Tips

Got some questions about your pics? Monday might be a good day to Learn Photography Tips

It’s no secret that the world of tech geekery and the world of photo geekery are inextricably intertwined. From small simple apps like Instagram to full-fledged DSLR rigs, the tech set likes its photos. But that doesn’t mean we’re experts by any means.

What if you want to get better at your photography, but you just need a little guidance? What if you could get expert answers to some of those questions that have been bugging you? Well, now you can. Thanks to Learn Photography Tips, a new site from local tech and photo geek, Aaron Hockley.

There are lots of photo resources on the ‘net, but the site will focus on practical tips that anyone can use. Topics will include exposure, gear, aesthetics & composition, special situations (nighttime, motion, HDR), photo sharing, and more.

The new site launches on this Monday, January 17. And what more geeky way to kick things off than with a 12 hour podcast? With live guests even.

Well, you’re right. There probably are more geeky ways. But I couldn’t come up with any off the top of my head. And I thought it was just quirky enough that it warranted a post. I mean, I haven’t been this excited for a how-to show since that awesome “happy little trees” guy passed away.

Hockley will be taking his day off from the day job to share his tips and insights live on the air. And if you find that valuable, he’s hoping you’ll want to partake in more of what Learn Photography Tips has to offer.

When should you tune in? Well, here’s the tentative schedule to give you some context.

  • 10:00 AM PT Introduction, Q&A, General Tips
  • 11:00 AM PT Gear: cameras, tripods, lenses, bags
  • 12:00 PM PT Exposure: Shutter, Aperture, ISO
  • 01:00 PM PT Composition & aesthetics
  • 02:00 PM PT HDR
  • 03:00 PM PT Photo sharing sites & options
  • 04:00 PM PT Backup & Storage. Guest: Justin Stanley
  • 05:00 PM PT Gear: cameras, tripods, lenses, bags
  • 06:00 PM PT Exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Photo trivia
  • 07:00 PM PT Photo Editing / Management Software. Guest: Kelly Guimont
  • 08:00 PM PT Night photography
  • 09:00 PM PT General Q&A

Aside from the noteworthy launch technique, it’s also interesting to see folks trying new and different ways of generating revenue with these ventures. To that end, Hockley will be serving up some of his content up for free. But he’ll also be offering a premium subscription at $3.95 per month for more in-depth tips and discounts on gear and the like.

So even if you can’t attend the podcast, make sure to swing by Learn Photography Tips to sign up for the free tips Hockley will be sending out on a regular basis.

Your photos will thank you for it. I mean, if they could talk.*

* If you think your photos are already talking to you, please contact your physician.

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