February 4th, 2011

Get your Portland startup and tech discussions on: Introducing Silicon Florist forums

Get your Portland startup and tech discussions on: Introducing Silicon Florist forums

These days, we spend a lot of time talking online. Chatting here. Tweeting there. Updating over there. But sometimes, you just want the interaction of a good old fashioned discussion board. I mean, really. For all the advancements in social media, there’s just something that works about that classic threaded forum discussion format. At least I think there is.

And so, in an effort to help the Portland startup and tech community have the discussions they should be having, I’m happy to announce the addition of the Silicon Florist forums.

Now obviously, it will be a little barren at the start. But I’m hoping that some enterprising folks will take the opportunity to jump in, start discussions, and get things going. And as such, I’m going to leave the format fairly open for the time being. And then, if people find it useful, we’ll start dividing it up into topical areas.

How do I foresee the Portland startup community using this resource? Again. I’m not really sure. But I could see some possibilities, like…

  • Maybe you’d like to expand on a post topic or comment thread
  • Maybe something really interesting happened at a local user group that deserves more attention
  • Maybe you want to bitch provide constructive criticism about Silicon Florist
  • Maybe there’s an upcoming event that the community should know about
  • Maybe you’re considering moving to Portland and you want to test some assumptions gleaned from the latest episode of Portlandia
  • Maybe you’ve got an awesome startup that never seems to get the coverage it deserves
  • Maybe you’re looking for a co-founder or someone to share office space
  • Maybe you have questions or need help on a certain aspect of your startup or the technology you’re using
  • Maybe it’s just something that you wish people would discuss that I’ve done a piss poor job of covering or acknowledging
  • Maybe you get the point

Whatever the case, it’s for you. To talk about what you want to talk about. Post your thoughts, have conversations with other folks in the community, and get some stuff done. All right here on Silicon Florist.

There will be some gentle moderation. Mostly to get rid of spam or overly congratulatory posts. But for the most part—like comments on Silicon Florist—I’ll let stuff go.

What’s that? Yeah, I hear you. Aren’t there a bunch of other places where these conversations could take place? Yes, probably. But this is to ensure that those conversations currently occurring in walled gardens or through email have the exposure they so richly deserve.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

To participate, head over to the Silicon Florist forums. Like that whole RSS thing? Subscribe to the Silicon Florist forums feed. (For those of you whom already subscribe to the Silicon Florist fire hose, this feed has been added.)

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    Get to Startups Meetup tonight with @thubten @Nedspace 7PM. 920 SW 3rd next to Lotus. I’ll take off one article of clothing for every unPC thing I say.

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