June 19th, 2013

Stylin’: Portland’s Embodee awarded patent for 3D digital garments

Stylin’: Portland’s Embodee awarded patent for 3D digital garments

With Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Keen, Nau, and any number of other awesome apparel companies in town, Portland has a rich history of developing innovative clothing. Now, another Portland company is making designing that apparel even easier. Meet Embodee.

Remember the first time you saw The Matrix and the visual effects amazed you? Well, Embodee boasts some of the folks who created those effects. And now, they’re focused on using technology to enhance the design of 3D digital garments. In fact, they were just awarded a patent for the technology.

For the first time, the process makes possible production of an unlimited volume of dynamically rendered garment images at lower incremental costs than conventional photography. Brands can display virtual samples for merchandising to wholesalers and retailers, and finished garments for e-commerce sales.

Any garment is viewable from any angle. This makes it easier for apparel brands to offer multiple design features that their customers can visualize on a 3D model. In addition, the technology facilitates mass customization, the growing method of manufacturing that enables individuals to customize products online before buying and before the products are made.

For more information, visit Embodee.

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One Response to “Stylin’: Portland’s Embodee awarded patent for 3D digital garments”

  1. Jmartens says:

    Embodee is an awesome company that deserves more recognition in Portland!

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