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January 3, 2017

How Senator Ron Wyden helped lay the groundwork for the Internet we know today

It’s no secret that Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is a staunch proponent for a free and accessible Internet. His efforts around keeping the platform as open as possible are well known. But did you realize that he was also part of crafting the legislation that laid the foundation for the way we’re able to

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August 21, 2014

The weekend that was: A roundup of coverage from TechFestNW

To be honest, it was kind of a blur. But a number of enterprising and perceptive journalists managed to capture chunks of TechFestNW—the annual tech event run in conjunction with MusicFestNW—highlighting some of the speakers and themes that pervaded the event, this year. I thought it might be helpful to round up some of the

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July 21, 2014

An august August: TechFestNW 2014 draws a respected lineup of tech speakers from — and to — Portland

There have been a number of changes for TechFestNW—the annual tech event run in conjunction with MusicFestNW—this year. The event has moved to August, the ticket price has dropped, and they’ve added a talent fair to help startups find the talent they need. But one thing hasn’t changed: the caliber of TFNW speakers

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May 13, 2014

Senator Ron Wyden and Alexis Ohanian hold Reddit AMA on Net Neutrality today

Senator Ron Wyden has been a staunch proponent of an open Internet, often rising to meet censorship and throttling concerns head-on. With Net Neutrality in a lurch, he’s once again voicing his opinions and working to ensure the Internet remains open. What’s different this time, though, is that he wants to chat with you about

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January 11, 2012

Think Senator Ron Wyden is the only one who thinks SOPA sucks? Think again

Our Senator Ron Wyden is doing his part to stop SOPA—the incredibly inane bill that would cripple the Internet we know and love—but what can you, ordinary concerned citizen do? Well, you can change your Twitter avatar to reflect your Stop SOPA leanings, for one thing

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November 22, 2011

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon continues his stand against Internet censorship. And you can join him.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has a long history of standing up to legislation that affects the Internet. And we think that’s pretty cool. Especially since many of us have jobs and products and blogs because of his efforts. Well—true to form—he’s standing up against another bill and he’d like to have you join him,

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June 23, 2011

Pontificating on piracy and protecting intellectual property: If COICA and PROTECT IP are wrong, why not propose what’s right?

[Editor: Given the discussions swirling online today about artistic license, fair use, and protected intellectual property---specifically around a photo used in Andy Baio's "Kind of Bloop" project---and the letter opposing PROTECT IP from 53 VCs, it seems only appropriate to post this guest post from Lynn Fredricks.

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May 26, 2011

As hoped, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon throws another COICA block. This time, it’s a hold on the PROTECT IP bill.

Oh Congress. Yes, you know on which side your bread is buttered. But you can’t seem to figure out how that whole Internet thing works. I mean, that must be the case. Otherwise you wouldn’t continually propose bills like COICA. But you do. And that’s why I’m glad there’s a Senator from Oregon named Ron

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May 2, 2011

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for April 2011: Badass-ness, Code for a Better World, Portland 100 and more

April around the Portland startup scene was quite a month. Full of good news but also marked with some decidedly sad news. What did your peers find most interesting on Silicon Florist? Well, let’s rank the top 10 posts by Web and RSS traffic and see, shall we? We shall

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April 17, 2011

How many times can one man save the Internet? Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is ratcheting up quite a record

If you live in Oregon, you probably know the name Ron Wyden. The Democrat has remained a fixture in the US Senate for Oregon—and he show no signs of slowing. But what you might not know is how damned hard the guy works to protect the Internet as we know it. So if you’re trying

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February 1, 2011

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for January 2011: Urban Airship Lunch 2.0, TSAzr, SXSW, and Pitch Club

Well, it’s a whole new year. And that means… well it means i’m going to do the same thing I did last year. It’s to save you time. And it’s really for the best. That’s right, I’m going to recap the most popular posts from the last month. But this year? Well 2011 is starting

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December 1, 2010

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for November 2010: Why Portland? Kitzhaber, Dudley, Wyden, and Al Gore

Turkey day is over. Leftovers are already starting to thin. A bit. Maybe. Holiday shopping fun has begun. Christmas tunes are on the radio. How the heck did we get here already? Well, let’s take a look back at the November that was. And see what posts you and your peers found most interesting. Here

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November 22, 2010

Al Gore may have invented the Information Superhighway, but Oregon Senator Ron Wyden just saved the Internet

COICA could be horrible for the Internet as a whole. And that’s why a single Senator is standing up against the bill. The senator? Oregon Senator Ron Wyden

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July 28, 2009

Obama Twitter faux pas: Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley causing Threadless’ Jeffrey Kalmikoff fits

A technical glitch with an incorrect Twitter name seems to have Obama healthcare proponents from Oregon spamming Jeffrey Kalmikoff of Threadless with misdirected tweets intended for Jeff Merkley

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