Backend Software Engineer

Company Name Trapit
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Jan 24, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs


Backend Software Engineer - Python, NoSQL

Trapit's ( core machine learning and personalization engine continues to expand; bring your programming and systems architecture skills to bear on the challenges and excitement of growing big distributed consumer Internet infrastructure along with big data NoSQL environments and a cutting-edge data- and compute-intensive learning engine.

• Deep experience in building big distributed data and compute clusters
• Multithreaded, high-performance programming experience in Python, C/C++, and optionally other languages (Java, Scala, Clojure, etc)
• Experience with Cassandra or other large-scale clustered NoSQL infrastructures
• Real experience in active production environments
• Top-notch UNIX/Linux architecture, development, and systems skills

Technologies we use
Trapit uses a number of languages and open source components for our platform. You should enjoy working with some or all of the following:
• Linux!
• Large multi-site Cassandra clusters
• Lucene
• Multi-threaded Python (the majority of our code)
• Java
• C/C++
• svn

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