Developer Intern+

Company Name Uncorked Studios
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Apr 18, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs


Uncorked Studios is searching for a developer who is interested in applying their skills to solve interesting and varied software problems. We specialize in mobile development, but we do everything from web development to projects where the real and digital worlds intersect (e.g., Chalkbot). Candidates would be expected to do anything from technical research for proposals, spec writing, prototype building, building projects for clients, and building our own products. The technologies that we use are wide and deep: Cocoa for both iOS and Mac; Java for Android; Ruby and PHP for backend APIs; MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL for data; Processing, Cinder and many other things for dabbling and learning and experimenting.

This position is open to junior developers, computer science students, and more advanced developers looking to shift careers.

Come foster your talents in an environment that gives you real challenges that make a difference, the mentoring to guide your growth, and experience on platforms and technologies that are absolutely the best out there. Our lead developers will expect a lot from you but also expect to be teaching and helping at the same time. Build an app or a site or prototype a technology or otherwise be uncorked.

All About Us -
Uncorked Studios builds creative and experimental mobile, social, and location products for people and brands. That’s not all, but its a good way to think about the gravitational center that attracts both agency and business clients to request our design and development services. Our portfolio includes mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, as well as traditional web and Facebook applications. Founded in 2010 by veterans from agencies and startups, the members of Uncorked have experience building digital products and campaigns for major brands as well as software products and services that touch hundreds of millions of consumers. We unearth and nurture value in everything we touch, both for clients, and for our original IP products.

We believe in people, especially our own. Our processes are oriented around enabling each team member to be focused and unblocked. We look for people who will thrive in a fast-paced environment where intrinsic motivation and intellectual curiosity are assumed. While we have official roles, we are all encouraged to mix our personal passions in, and use down time for new ideas and learning.

Qualifications that could matter:
Objective C for iOS, Java for Android, HTML5 for mobile capable websites, Ruby/Python/PHP for genius hackery, and who knows what else. Tell us why we care about your pet programming language; you might end up building us something in it (we did for the last intern).

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