Java Engineer

Company Name NetXposure, Inc.
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Apr 05, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs


NetXposure is a leading provider of Digital Asset Management solutions. Our software products empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute, and archive digital content. Expertise in Dynamic Imaging, Service Oriented Architecture, and Rich Internet Applications is leveraged to provide products that automate workflows and maximize the value of digital assets.

Core Technologies

Our web-based products and custom projects are developed using the following core technologies:

* J2EE (Java, Servlets, JSP)
* Apache/Jakarta Projects (Tomcat, Axis, Lucene)
* Web Services (SOAP, WSDL)
* Dynamic Imaging

Position Skills and Experience

* 3+ years developing Web-based applications; must understand HTTP, HTML, ECMA and other basic Web components.

* 3+ years Core Java development experience; threads, networking, OOPs concepts, etc.

* 2+ years experience working with SQL, and at least one of the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server.

* 1+ years experience working with SOAP; preference will be given to candidates that have direct Apache Axis experience.

* 1+ years experience working with Java and external native code; JNI or equivalent experience is a big plus.

* Familiarity with one or more of the following: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, SunOne AppServer.

* Strong, referenceable track record of developing high-quality, complex Web-based software in a team programming environment.

* Strong ability with UNIX-based software development tools, including CVS, Ant, and/or other comparable systems.

* Clear understanding of all phases of software development life cycle.

* Clear and comprehensive writing and documentation ability, as expressed in design documents, code comments, and email discussions.

* Demonstrated ability in creative problem solving and analytical skills. Must be able to learn new technologies quickly.

* Ability to handle multiple responsibilities.

* Proven ability to effectively interact with customers and team members.

* Any Mac OS X experience is a big plus!


Contribute to the team developing a Web-based server software product and/or periodic professional service engagements.

Design and implement user interface classes and testing code for those classes.

Provide reliable and consistent estimates for work to be performed, and keep other members of the team informed of schedule progress and changes during development.

Consistently work to improve product performance, scalability, maintainability, and security; and consistently work to deliver product that will help the company lead its market.

Consistently work to reduce defect (bug) occurances in the user interface system, and help other team members locate, diagnose, and fix defects across the company's products.

Periodically interface with customers to at first ascertain application issues and resolve and convey the solution.

Work in a team of developers locally; coordinate with staff in other offices.

Position Details
Location: Portland, Oregon

Application Specifications
Please send your resume from "Apply for this position!" link below with the subject line "Java Engineer" and your full name.
This position is available for local candidates only.

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