Python Django Developer

Company Name Aquameta
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Apr 06, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs


Small software company in close-in SE Portland seeks skilled software developers.

Our Story
We started a few years ago as a single-client consulting shop. A natural food distributor needed a custom software solution and we built it and launched it. There's a lot of work still to do, but as the post-launch bugs get worked out, we're seeing the opportunity to plan the next phase of the business.

We're in the process of transforming the company towards product development and innovation. There is a new age of computing around the corner. Personal computing was a revolutionary concept when Apple and Microsoft pioneered it. Today, regular folks use computers all the time, but only programmers can create their own applications or change the ones they already have. We want to make programming easy. It's half semantic web and half end-user programming, spreadsheets squared. It's real, and it's inevitable, and we are going to be a part of it.

Our Culture
We believe innovative software and a vibrant working environment requires healthy bodies and bright minds. We value physical fitness and have a voluntary, incentive-based morning workout program, every day, 9 am. We have a pleasant work space with large windows, standing desks, morning smoothies, and benefits for biking to work or ordering natural foods from one of our clients. All that said, we're not particularly "green" or into the green scene, these just seem like sensible things to do to support the best in ourselves, so we do them.

Our Values
We believe in the ethos of free and open source software. We take from the open source community wherever possible, and give back as much as we can. We believe in the triple bottom line, and strive to have a positive affect on ourselves, our clients and the planet at large. That said, we're a business, and we run this ship with a strong focus on profitability and success in the financial sense. We don't see these things as opposing forces.

You want to be following the path of your destiny, to be a part of something, to make history. You also want to pay your bills. You dream of a job where what you do is what you love to do, and your work is a part of your life.

If you are the right person for the job, you have general aptitude for software development and can pick up new languages and technologies along the way. That said, we use Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux, HTML, jQuery. Bonus points for WebGL and HTML5 experience and a deep understanding of relational algebra. We value problem solving, analytical reason, systems architecture, strong writing and communication skills, the ability to work within a team, disagreement without conflict.

Qualified applications, please email us your resume and a bit about yourself!

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