Ruby/Rails Developer

Company Name ELC Technologies
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Apr 20, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs


WANTED: Talented Ruby developers who want to take their skills and experience to the next level working on Rails projects for new startups and Fortune 500 companies. Requires developers who are not intimidated by complexity and who thrive on problem solving and are satisfied with nothing less than successfully delivering applications that make an impact.

You need to have these SKILLS day one…
:- Ruby
:- Rails (engines, rack, routes, rspec, cucumber, gems, generators, etc)
:- SQL and NoSql databases (mySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, etc)

Plus EXPERIENCE where you've applied your skills. We expect that you've...

:- Built and deployed a RoR or Sinatra application
:- Maintained or refactored legacy Ruby code
:- Worked with a Rails application that accesses a large database
:- Coded unit and integration test suites using Capybara/Rspec/Minitest
:- Used Ruby debugging/profiling/benchmarking tools

Our CULTURE is one that embraces agility, creativity and fun all the while being professional….

:- Non-hierarchical organization (roadblocks don't stay in place for long)
:- Agile best practices (fosters communication & participation of everyone involved on a project)
:- Continuous learning (challenges & opportunities that require people to keep skills up-to-date)
:- Creative problem solving (we like to swarm a problem and come away with multiple solutions)
:- Energized and motivated distributed teams (around-the-world teams that work as one)
:- People with positive and passionate attitudes (we want you to like what you do)
:- Genuine about helping our clients succeed (we know what we do is a business)
:- Open source enthusiast (collaboration & shared code pays infinite dividends, we do our part)
:- Code craftsmanship (we take code quality and professionalism seriously)

About ELC Technologies...
:- We are a fast growing company of talented developers who deliver web applications using the latest languages, gems and designs that have mind-blowing impact and enable our clients to advance their visions on the web. We maintain teams both big and small, local (Portland, OR) and remote that require developers to participate and contribute. We prize creativity, talent and passion in our developers and are supportive in fostering their careers and visions. For more info:

If you are interested then SEND US YOUR RESUME at and let us know...
:- what makes you tick
:- where to find some code you've written (you have a Github account, right?)
:- what kinds of problems you like to solve

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