Software Developer

Company Name Puppet Labs
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Mar 28, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Jobs



Summary of Role:

Do you have a passion for Open Source? Interested in being an integral part of the development of software used on all major Linux distributions? Would you like to see the results of your efforts improve large scale deployments at major players like Google and Zynga?

Puppet Labs is hiring a Software Developer to focus on the development of the Puppet core. It is a weirdly CS-y position – you’ll be working on parser generators, graph libraries and sorting algorithms, state machines, human and computer interface design, and more, all on an open source project in use at thousands of organizations around the world. Your code will also be packaged and available on nearly every major operating system, and you’ll be expected to work with our community during design and development.


* Thorough comfort with topics such as metaprogramming, threads, cross version/cross platform portability, and distributed applications
* Strong experience with Ruby or an equivalently flexible language
* Familiarity with testing (we are a pseudo-agile shop with heavy usage of BDD/TDD, so this is important)

Preferred but not required:

* Computer Science degree or college coursework
* Hard math/science background
* Declarative/functional language programming experience
* Familiarity with large scale infrastructure
* Participation in open source projects with a commercial side

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