WordPress Development

Company Name Blaze Streaming Media, LLC.
Location Portland, OR
Date Posted Jun 18, 2012
Category Developer
Listing Type Gigs


Blaze Streaming Media has immediate need for a WordPress Consultant.

The person should be able to develop, design, and support WordPress implementations.

Two projects that will use similar code are available for the right person.

1. Sports Video Destination

This will be the home for premium women's roller derby content. It will provide a viewing experience that meets the needs of live and on demand fans. This will include video embeds, viewer interaction (chat, social), ad regions, multiple fan revenue options (pay per view, membership, etc.), additional content (photos and blogs). This will be developed with the national audience in mind. Phase 2 will involve multi-site and the opportunity to serve the video needs of all 350 leagues.

2. Conferencing Video Destination

Take everything that worked for the sports audience and convert this to the conference audience. Conference's today have heavily underutilized web experiences. Blaze has been working in the space for over 4 years and we have had enough. It is time to develop a web presence for conferences that meets the needs of remote attendees. This will include video embeds, viewer interaction, ad regions, and multiple revenue options (pay per view, membership, etc.).

We are looking for the right partner to tackle these challenges.

  • Prior experience with links to share
  • Ability to solve engineering and design challenges (teams, agencies, or ninjas)
  • Availability now. This project needs to begin in the next few weeks
  • Sports Site must be functional by August 31

  • multi-site
  • possible buddy press need
  • Membership(WPMU) or Wishlist

    Please get in touch. officemanger@blazestreaming.com

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