Jive Software selects new digs

Jive Software, the rapidly growing young linchpin of the Portland tech startup renaissance, has been hinting for some time that it was getting a bit too big for its britches building. And with its need to hire showing no signs of slowing, it became clear that a move was inevitable. So, the search began.

Only one question remained: Where to go?

Well, now, that question has been answered as well. The winner? The Federal Reserve Building on SW Stark and SW 9th.

And according to the Daily Journal of Commerce, Jive’s buying up some room to grow:

When the dust settles, Jive will occupy three floors of the building: the current third and fourth floors, and a fifth floor, with a penthouse and more than 37,000 square feet of office space, that’s being added as part of the remodel.

Early reports point to the Jive employees being taken with the new location—or at least the thought of getting some more space. They’ve already affectionately dubbed the new locale “Club Fed.”

And while Jive relieves some growing pains, the rest of the Portland tech community may benefit, as well. Jive is well-known for taking a leading role in hosting Portland tech events and helping to foster (pun intended) a more cohesive tech community, here in town. No doubt, this new space will lend itself more readily to more of the same.

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  4. Miss Burrows, you make me blush 🙂

  5. Love the pun. She is amazing, isn’t she?

  6. I don’t know about discussion group software, but I’ve used Jive’s Clearspace and ClearspaceX, and they are great.

  7. They make some nasty software – discussion group – that is used by Western Governor University. It is so slow that discussions have almost ceased.

  8. Crazy growth, crazy digs. Love that they’re tagging it “Club Fed.”

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