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BarCamp Portland

Looking for more details on what’s happening at BarCamp Portland? Look no further. This site is a great place to keep up to date with BarCamp Portland schedule and notes from the sessions.

What is BarCamp?

Pete Forsyth writes “BarCamp is clearly born of the tech community. It has a wiki for session planning. Participants are encouraged to share their Twitter and blog addresses. Sponsors are a virtual ‘who’s who’ of Portland tech startups. But it would be a mistake to think the conference is ‘about’ technology, or that you have to be a tech geek to get something good out of it. “

BarCamp Portland… Today

Matthew G. Monroe writes “For those of you in the Portland area who feel like swinging by BarCamp today (Saturday, May 3rd.), both myself and photographer Aaron Hockley will be doing a set of very loose, very informal workshops at 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock this afternoon.”

BarCamp Portland so far – it’s keeping me awake

Elizabeth Grigg writes “So far I was supposed to attend 3 sessions but really I just want to count it as two. The earliest session was in the largest space, and was pretty free form, with the topic of How to do what you Love / How to turn your Hobby into Full Time. It got pretty technical and jumpy pretty quick. Perhaps a question better suited to an interview than to a large group format. The next session proposed the idea, which apparently was thrown up on twitter and got a huge response, of a coworking space that also had an adjoining daycare for small families. “

BarCamp PDX

Dawson Hunter writes “This morning I participated in two presentations: ‘Beyond OpenID’ and ‘My Mom Can’t Use OpenID.’ Both were obviously focused on OpenID, but I was particularly interested in the conversation surrounding OpenID as it concerns data portability and users’ control over their data.”

Seaside presentation at BarCampPortland a success!

Randal Schwartz writes “I had about 20 people in my room at BarCampPortland, which made it ‘standing room only’ for the last few who showed up. The audience was attentive, and asked good questions. Monty Williams of GemStone was also along, and helped me with a few answers.”

BarCampPortland: My Other Thing

Audio from the “My Other Thing” session at BarCampPortland, thanks to Sam Churchill of DailyWireless.org.

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