Air Sharing: Vancouver iPhone app gets more than 700,000 downloads in one week

Air Sharing iPhone appEven the iPhone critics have to admit that there may something to the iPhone app thing. I mean, if the results Vancouver-based Avatron Software is producing are any indication.

Last Monday at 5 PM Pacific time, Avatron released Air Sharing, a temporarily free iPhone app that lets you treat your iPhone as a wireless hard drive. Not earth shattering news, I grant you.

But fast forward to today. And as of this writing—a few minutes shy of one week—they’re approaching nearly three-quarters of a million downloads.

That’s right more than 700,000 little versions of the Avatron apps are walking around on iPhones.

“It’s just amazing,” said Dave Howell, CEO of Avatron. “It’s way beyond what we thought would happen.”

And the reviews are looking quite positive, too. Even donpdonp might be happy with this little app, considering:

Best app in the app store. It’s incredibly useful and works with my Ubuntu desktop!… This is seriously the best app around. Worked out [of] the box, almost zero config.

Using Bonjour and the standard WebDAV interface, Air Sharing allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to mount the devices as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer; drag and drop files between the device and computers, and view documents in many common formats.

Basically, it’s like working with any other drive. Wirelessly.

But there are also some other interesting features that could extend the use of the Air Sharing app. What are those features? Well, Dave will be my guest on the next Silicon Florist podcast, so tune in to find out.

Interested in trying Air Sharing? Well, it’s free to try for one more week. After that the price will go up to $6.99.

For more information, visit the Air Sharing area on Avatron’s site. Or to see what others are saying and to try it for yourself, head on over to the Air Sharing page in the app store.

(Hat tip Raven Zachary)

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  5. I love this app! It seriously is a huge time-saver and very useful if you read a lot of documents on the go. I just wish I could download documents and save it to this program from any website.

  6. The volume Avatron is seeing with their app is giving great hope to independent iPhone developers such as myself. Hopefully, the download volume for paid apps is also respectable. I am hoping to have several apps, with free ones driving exposure and sales for paid apps.

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  8. Very cool Application. I will give it a whirl. Unfortunately I will have to slug it through with my 2G phone!

  9. …but I have to say I am excited about this functionality and just loaded it- looks like a cool app!

    Nice work, Avatron!

  10. I am trying this app now but thought direct access to iPhone storage space was an Apple no no…

    In light of the recent rejection of the iPhone Podcaster app by the app store, I worry about Apple’s ability to pull the plug at any time.

    Take a listen to the issues here, as we interviewed both Alex S (of iPhone Podcaster) and later, Don Park (on Android):


  11. yea for internet standards bonjour and webdav! interoperability For The Win.

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