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Okay, okay. So I may have made a mistake when I chose this domain name. It was like 2 AM. And I admit, in hindsight, my reasoning may have been a bit flawed.

Silicon Forest + The Rose City == Silicon Florist

Really? What was I thinking?

Well, over the past year and a half I’ve learned a thing or two. First, covering Silicon Forest side projects and tech startups is a great gig—but it’s not exactly paying the bills. Second, people clearly want to hear about florists. Especially florists in Oregon.

So, I’ve decided that it would be wise to expand my coverage a bit. I mean, florists can be startups, too. Right? That’s right.

So from now on Silicon Florist will not only be providing you with the best information about Portland-area and Silicon Forest startups, it will also be your premiere spot for finding the latest cutting edge information on florists in Oregon and southern Washington. And florist ads.

I mean, I think the florists in the area could use a little more tech. And the tech types? They could clearly use some more flowers and floral arrangements.

So here’s my inaugural post on some of my favorite Oregon and Portland-area florists.

City Flowers of Portland

I’ve used City Flowers for about as long as I can remember. Helpful people, creative flower choices, and brilliant arrangements.

“Catering to the style-conscious clientele of downtown Portland, business-to-business flowers is the focus of our work. City Flower’s success in this area reflects its attitude toward customer service: It must be the best for it to be outstanding in our field. Every order we design and deliver is viewed as a commitment to the customer. We will deliver the freshest flowers possible designed with artistic flair while also providing the highest level of customer service possible. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.”

Inbloom of Corvallis

“We are a real Flower Shop, FULL of Flowers, located in Corvallis, Oregon – not just a phone number of an office somewhere, or just a URL on the web. Calling us directly, via our toll free number 24 hours a day (1-800-405-5666), saves you expensive relay fees and assures you will get full value for your money. We are Florists first, marketers second. Most importantly, we live and do business in the city we serve (Corvallis), and care about our reputation and your continued business. Our goal is to provide you with exemplary service and outstanding products and turn you into another one of our satisfied returning customers. as well as providing your recipient with quality of flowers and design that will make them also want to use us as their personal florist.”

Enchanted Florist of Ashland

“Our Mission: Offer one of a kind floral arrangements by using fun, rare and unique flowers as well as other mediums such as fruit, twigs, leaves, vegetables, pods and anything else to create the perfect arrangement. And even more important, show courtesy and respect to all people in and outside of our floral shop.”

Beaverton Florists

“Ralph Beck’s dream of opening a flower shop started in 1943 over on Lombard Avenue next to his greenhouse that he used to grow his product. After 18 years Ralph and Vi opened in ½ of our current location on 2nd and Watson Ave. in central Beaverton. In 1962 they sold the business to Paul and Delores Jakobson. During the 60’s and 70’s Paul and Delores grew the business and remodeled the building. In 1980 they decided to retire and sold the business to Richard and Florence Hill who continued to expand and grow the business adding space by taking over the entire building and increasing sales. Keith & Sheri have continued to grow and keep Beaverton Florists in the Top 100 florists in the nation ranked by FTD.”

Tommy Luke Flowers and Gifts of Portland

“Flowers Tommy Luke proudly serves the Portland/Vancouver area. We are locally owned and operated. We are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect. Let Flowers Tommy Luke be your first choice for flowers.”

Oregon blog about florists

Of course, my list wouldn’t be complete without a blog from Prineville, OR, featuring the Posie Girls. Blogging and flowers? Clearly hitting close to home for me.

More Oregon florists, floral arrangements, and flowers

This is just the first of many posts covering the world of flowers in the Silicon Forest. If you you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, the following links may help.


Or maybe you have some local Oregon florists you’d like to suggest? Feel free to comment.

(Hat tip to Avante Gardens for the idea and to GRMFWKLSNAXP for showing me the errors of my altruistic ways)

  1. Wow this hit it to the spot your Oregon and Portland-area florists, floral arrangements, and flowers Silicon Florist we may submit to Bebo as well as Squidoo In addition whats the latest on Charlie Sheen breathtaking announcement! Thx … Rob Rasner Myspace

  2. […] that? Oh. Okay, the April 1st florist post may have strained our bonds of trust. I hear […]

  3. […] that? Oh. Okay, the April 1st florist post may have strained our bonds of trust. I hear […]

  4. […] No, despite the date, I’m not joking. I did that already. […]

  5. Thanks for the mention of the Posie Shoppe blog! We do have fun… I can learn a thing or two (or 24) from your blog though!

  6. […] No, despite the date, I’m not joking. I did that already. […]

  7. Rick –

    Hey, I finally got an ‘on topic’ florist post from your blog on my G Feed Reader. 🙂 Hope you had fun posting it ~ and this may end up being your highest AdSense income producing page yet. 😉

    Thanks for highlighting some fine local florists. Happy April Fool’s Day to your non-floral readers. 🙂


  8. Audrey at Flower Temple makes the most creative and cool floral arrangements I’ve seen (and I’ve sent a good amount of flowers in my day). She’s really great at what she does.

  9. What!? How could you forget Burlingame Boutique Florists!? Buried for inaccurate!


    P.S. I fear you just made your site the target of a lot of keyword rich comment bombs for local floral companies.

  10. Event Floral does some incredible work for corporate events as well as weddings. See what you think. Their website is http://www.eventfloral.biz

  11. 🙂

    Confession: I first followed you on Twitter because of “florist” and I make (silk/ribbon) flowers. Decided to go ahead and follow you because I figured I might learn something about the techie world and that could be a good thing.

    So, let me know when you want to expand the expansion to non-botanical flowers. 🙂

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