Windows laptop and netbook owners can rest easier: GadgetTrak launches PC-Trak

With Portland-based GadgetTrak, Mac and mobile users have been a little spoiled. You see, they’ve had access to GadgetTrak’s theft recovery software for a while now. Windows-based users, however? They were still openly susceptible to laptop theft without much hope of recovery.

Until now.

Today, Windows laptop and netbook users are finally getting the same protection as the Mac and mobile folks: GadgetTrak has launched for Windows.

For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to try GadgetTrak, the software was designed to help laptop and mobile device owners recover their stolen devices. It uses existing hardware components—like wifi and built-in cameras—to track down the nefarious types who snatched them.

The popularity of the product for Mac and mobile has led GadgetTrak to expand its offering—to an awfully big chunk of the market.

“Due to customer demand we have ported our advanced privacy-safe tracking technology which we pioneered on the Mac platform over to Windows,” said Ken Westin Founder & CTO of GadgetTrak, in a press release. “The software is design for the latest Windows based netbooks and laptops that have integrated web cameras and Wi-Fi.”

How’s it work? I’m glad you asked.

The new version of GadgetTrak for Windows machines is designed to capture the thief’s location every 30 minutes. It will share that information with the machine’s owner—and will use the camera to snap a photo and upload it to a Flickr account.

PC-Trakā„¢ from GadgetTrakĀ® is activated by logging into your online account and clicking a button to activate tracking. The next time your PC connects to the Internet the software will activate…. No additional password prompts appear and the thief is unaware the software is tracking them.

Here’s a demo GadgetTrak’s products:


To try out the new PC-Trak for yourself, visit GadgetTrak PC-Trak.


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