Movin’ on up: Digital Trends takes up residence in Big Pink

As I mention from time to time, I’ve got this list of “I didn’t know they were in Portland” companies. Great startups and blogs that are super good, but that—for whatever reason—don’t really get the recognition they deserve as hometown efforts.

One of my favorite blogs that falls into this category is Digital Trends, an incredibly popular blog that looks at gadgets and gizmos. Super well known—but not always recognized as Silicon Forest startup.

But now, thanks to their success and attractive real estate options, Digital Trends may become a great deal more visible in the Portland tech scene. They’ve announced that they’re leaving Lake Oswego to move into the US Bank Tower—affectionately or derogatorily known as “Big Pink”—where they’ll be taking over half of the 10th floor.


And with good reason. Digital Trends has been crushing it in terms of traffic this year. As such, they’re adding staff to keep up with the traffic growth. And more staff means more room.

This is great news for Portland at any time. But it’s especially poignant given today’s economic conditions.

Here’s hoping Digital Trends—with their new proximity—takes advantage of all the startup tech community around here has to offer. It would be great to have them become another one of our shining examples of a successful Portland startup. And for us to have direct access to learn from the people who helped make that happen.

For more, visit Digital Trends.


  1. FYI, Digital Trends is subleasing 8,084 SF and the entire 10th floor is 18,866 SF.

  2. Great for the Portland startup community. This is an interesting company.

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