From Air Sharing to Zipcar: 40+ iPhone apps developed in the Silicon Forest

[HTML1]I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Portland—and to some extent the entire Silicon Forest—has a predilection for building iPhone apps. No, it’s true. There are a number of amazing development shops in town—some one-person, some a few people—building iPhone apps that are attracting users by the thousands.

But who are those folks? There isn’t really any way to search for “apps made in Portland” in the App Store. So I thought I’d take the time to share the developers of whom I know off the top of my head—and of course, I’m always open to your enlightening me on the ones I’ve missed.

(And yes, you’ll likely recognize some folks from a similar post last October.)

But enough about that. Let’s get going, shall we?

adidas Outlet Savings by The Overland Agency, Portland

adidasThe very best MVP deals on adidas Outlet Store apparel, footwear, and accessories now come straight to your iPhone. Each time a new promotion is offered at your local adidas Outlet, you know instantly: with a store-scannable coupon right at your fingertips.

Air Sharing / Air Sharing Pro by Avatron Software, Vancouver

air-sharingAir Sharing and Air Sharing Pro allow you to mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, over Wi-Fi, or connect from your computer’s web browser. Then you can drag and drop files between your iPhone and other computers.

Audience Pro by Night and Day Studios, Portland

audience-proAudience Pro allows professional comedians to take their game to a whole new level. Just touch the microphone to trigger a recording of an audience reaction. Audience Pro includes five professionally recorded samples of audience reactions: applause, applause with cheering, booing, laughter, and cheering while audience members yell “we want more!”

Azplode by Calvin Rien, Portland

azplodeImagine playing Missile Command, but you only have one missle. Your goal is to start a chain reaction that blow up as many of the dots as possible. Each level has a target number of dots to blow up, but you are also scored based on the chain of explosions. Each dot “azploded” is worth 1.5x the points of dot it crashed into.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore by Spotlight Mobile, Portland

barnes-nobleWith the B&N Bookstore app, you can search millions of books, CDs, and DVDs with your iPhone’s camera, find and reserve products in your local store, browse recommendations, new releases and read reviews, and find your closest Barnes & Noble and see upcoming events.

Beer Signal by Taplister, Portland

beer-signalBy using the dynamic database of local pubs and watering holes, you can find who serves your favorite craft beers, or who has the latest seasonal brews on tap. You can also post a tweet telling your friends what you are drinking, or informing the database that a beer is no longer on tap at a particular location.

Big Fat Lies by Night and Day Studios, Portland

big-fat-liesGuided by a devilishly good-looking host and recorded before a studio audience, this game will mislead you, bamboozle your friends, and bewilder your enemies! (We guarantee that our “facts” are great for cocktail parties, whether true or false!)

CLIF BAR Save Our Snow by Small Society, Portland

clif-bar-save-our-snowThe CLIF BAR Save Our Snow app combines the utility of finding great conditions at a local resort with the brand value of supporting eco-friendly, sustainable businesses and delivers this information in a way that is as playful as it is beautiful. And don’t forget to blow in the mic to ‘freeze’ over the screen.

Cocktail Compass by Night and Day Studios, Portland

cocktail-compassYou need a drink… STAT! So let our Cocktail Compass find the happiest happy hours near you. Tap the app and in mere moments you’ll have the nearest happy hour at your fingertips, along with its location, distance, and how long you’ll have before happy hour is over. Need more info? Tap the bar name to see a map of the location, call the bar, or share its info with your friends.

CraigSearch Free / CraigSearch Pro by Pheedyou, Portland

craigsearchCraigSearch puts all of Craigslist in your pocket. Search for anything on Craigslist through an easy-to-use interface. Browse results and refine your search until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

FastFigures / FastFigures Professional by Infinity Softworks, Beaverton

fast-figuresFastFigures’ innovative calculator templates make what-if analysis fast and easy. For example, work from a home price to easily calculate a monthly payment or work from a monthly payment the buyer can afford to calculate the home price, all in the same template.

Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios, Portland

fieldrunnersDescend into the world of Fieldrunners, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants! Hours of entertainment and replayable challenges!

FindBooksFast by Moonshadow eCommerce, Eugene

findbooksfastFindBooksFast compares pricing and availability information from multiple online book sellers including Amazon, Abunga, Better World, Bookstore Max, Golden Gate Bookstore, Powell’s and more, giving you easy access to purchase books at the best prices directly from your iPhone.

Forkfly by Forkfly, Portland

forkflyForkfly is a revolutionary new service that connects consumers with merchants. Forkfly features the best local merchants, restaurants, and service providers all committed to offering you incredible incentives and exclusive content.

GadgetTrak for iPhone by GadgetTrak, Portland

gadgettrakGadgetTrak is extending their patent-pending theft recovery solution to support the iPhone and iPod Touch. GadgetTrak for the iPhone and iPod Touch will also expand its features for these devices utilizing location based services to tell you where your device is. Once registered and the application is triggered the location of the device and network data will be sent to the GadgetTrak server along with network informaiton.

GlobeJot by Danilo Campos, Eugene

globejotI’m not at all organized when I travel. Going to the airport, for me, means having a dozen different scraps of paper scribbled with random bits of information that I’ll need for my trip. Inevitably, I lose whichever scrap of data is most important for me to know at any given time. I built GlobeJot because travelers deserve a better way.

hiBubble by Bordertown Labs, Portland

hibubbleSimply blow into your iPhone or iPod Touch and watch the rainbow bubbles glide across your screen. This simple app is both elegant and a delight. Like real bubbles, the harder you blow, the faster they glide, and the slower you blow, the more Zen-like they’ll become.

hideNtweet by Dove Valley Apps (with assistance from Nate Angell, Portland)

hidentweetEven though it wasn’t officially developed in the Silicon Forest, Nate was instrumental in helping promote and test the app. The premise? Bring back the fun of schoolyard hide and seek in the real world, playing with your friends and some very scary ghosts.

Informed RN Pocket Guide by Avatron Software, Vancouver

informed-rnThe RN Pocket Guide™ for iPhone gives you immediate access to the critical information nurses need, in an easy to use app with rich content, detailed illustrations, and pioneering features. Best of all, you know you can depend on the RN Pocket Guide for iPhone, because it was created by Informed Publishing—the trusted leader in emergency reference information since 1986. Informed’s print and digital guides are carried in the pockets, on the phones, and in the emergency vehicles of over one million first responders nationwide.

Ion Charge by Calvin Rien, Portland

ion-chargeUnlike other marble labyrinth or maze games, you don’t use tilt or the accelerometer to move the ball around the levels. You need to use magnetic forces to push and pull your ion through the level. This makes the game quite challenging and addictive.

iPhorest by Small Society, Portland

iphorestSimply stated -through purchasing the application, people can plant and nurture a virtual tree while helping to support restoration of vulnerable wildlife habitats along the Gulf Coast in the United States.

Life in Short by Night and Day Studios, Portland

life-in-shortEach day, we offer you a piece of wisdom to consider as you navigate the day. We’ve handpicked 366 quotations from all parts of life, from people who inspire us — painters, philosophers, writers, musicians, and other smart, creative types. Some are deep, others funny, but each offers an insight about the wonder (and heartbreak) of life.

London. Spot-on. by Small Society, Portland

london-spot-onThe app offers an in-pocket extension of Air New Zealand’s Inflight Concierge service, providing one-touch access to a vast set of resources from hidden hot spots, to practical assistance with transit arrangements, to eavesdropping on local Twitter chatter.

motionPHR by Communication Software, Bend

motion-phrMotionPHR for the iPhone provides a secure record of you and your families health. We provide you with the tools to take charge of your well being. By keeping your own copy of your health records you assist your healthcare providers in providing you with the best of care; structured, comprehensive and complete.

myStarbucks by Small Society, Portland

starbucksThe myStarbucks App will help a customer find a store, build a custom drink, and choose the perfect treat. But, even better yet, a coffee lover can share their drink with a friend over Bluetooth, so that they can order the next round.

Nearby by Platial, Portland

nearbyTap into millions of location-based notes, pictures, and stories from people nearby and watch the streetscape change block by block.

Obama for iPhone by Raven Zachary, Jason Grigsby, Lyza Danger Gardner, John Keith, and Aileen Jeffries, et al., Portland (No longer available but notable)

obamaThe application has a “Call Your Friends” tool that helps you organize your contacts by key battleground states—a feature we’re hoping will generate thousands of additional personal contacts. You can also easily mark reminder notes to yourself on which friends you have called, who they are supporting and who wants a reminder call on Election Day. The information does not leave your phone (so your friends’ and your own privacy are protected) but the total amount of calls the application makes are tallied, so you can keep track of your progress as we close in on November 4th.

Oddage by Danilo Campos, Eugene

oddageOddage is the best way to exercise your brain while killing time with your iPhone or iPod touch. One thing is not like the others – find it quickly! As your score increases, Oddage will throw bigger challenges at you. Of course, you can customize your experience with backgrounds from your own photo library.

Peekaboo Barn by Night and Day Studios, Portland

peekaboo-barnInside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out!

Rimshot Pro by Night and Day Studios, Portland

rimshot-proRimshot Pro is the professional choice for all your rimshotting needs. We use hypersampled drum sounds, arranged and performed by professional drummers. We allow you to set the speed of your rimshot “sting” — from a slow-building roll to a quick hit. Our audio is high-fidelity, and you’ll enjoy extended bass response if you hook up speakers or headphones to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Robotvision by Tim Sears, Portland

robot-visionRobotvision augmented reality browser is an exciting new way to explore the world around you. Using the accelerometer and compass technology of the iPhone 3GS, along with new camera capabilities of the 3.1 OS update, you can discover content and locations around you like never before. People say it’s like magic.

Scout by Octopia Labs, Portland

scoutWith Scout you no longer need to check craigslist 10 times a day looking for that hard-to-find item. Simply set up a search and Scout will notify you when it’s posted to craigslist – even when Scout’s not running. Set up a search, go on to other things, and Scout will watch craigslist for you and report back!

Stanza by Lexcycle, Portland

stanzaStanza is a free application for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Use it to download from a vast selection of over 100,000 books and periodicals, and read them right on your phone. It’s a wireless electronic library that stays open 24/7.

Style.com by Spotlight Mobile, Portland

styleWe developed the award-winning Style.com app, which brings the web experience at Style.com to the iPhone, including runway photos and reviews, party coverage, the Style File blog, streaming video, and more.

SwedeShop by Danilo Campos, Eugene

swedeshopIKEA is the coolest store in the whole world. I’m in love with it. The only drawback to IKEA is the level of information you need to keep track of while shopping. Aisle number, bin number, product name, color – it’s a lot! I’m not in love with the golf pencil and piece of paper they give you to write everything down, so I built SwedeShop.

Tallymander by Danilo Campos, Eugene

tallymanderTallymander is the ultimate tally counter and score keeper application for iPhone/iPod Touch. Use Tallymander to count up your dry cleaning, keep score during board games or athletics, even tally up results during experiments or surveys.

23 Ways to Destroy Your Defender: Basketball Instruction by Avatron Software, Vancouver

twenty-three-waysFor the first time ever, you can have world-renowned, in-demand Nike Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker wherever you go! Known world-wide as the Basketball Skills trainer and teacher, Ganon travels the world teaching and training some the biggest names in basketball. This application delivers a detailed, step-by-step clinic that will unlock the mysteries to some of your favorite players’ moves and counter-moves.

Tylenol PM Sleep Tracker by Spotlight Mobile, Portland

tylenolLog your mood and sleep habits with the Tylenol PM Sleep Tracker. Create custom emoticons, view sleep and mood history, and get sleep tips.

(Coming soon) Touch Pets: Dogs by Stumptown Game Machine, Portland

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Ngmoco, for example, is working on a virtual-pet game called Touch Pets, in which players complete missions with their virtual dogs to earn points that can be redeemed for virtual items like clothing. When the new iPhone operating system is available, Mr. Young says Touch Pets will use push notification to let users set up play-dates with other players and their dogs.”

Whiteboarder by Avatron Software, Vancouver

whiteboarderBuilt atop the same solid foundation as Avatron’s award-winning Air Sharing apps, Whiteboarder lets you organize your whiteboards into folders. It lets you de-skew, crop, enhance, and white-balance whiteboard images, and even email and print them.

Whole Foods Market Recipes by Small Society, Portland

whole-foodsTimed perfectly with the launch of the iPhone™ OS 3.0 Software Update, the Whole Foods Market Recipes app uses key new Apple® technologies such as MapKit for a Whole Foods Market store finder, in-application email for sharing favorite recipes, and the ability to copy recipe data using Cut, Copy, Paste functionality. On its first day in the App Store℠, it was hailed as a Staff Favorite.

Zipcar by Small Society, Portland

zipcarZipcar’s iPhone™ initiative is proving to be the perfect intersection of core target demographic, mobile technology use-case and brand. The app not only makes brilliant use of Apple®’s new iPhone OS 3.0 technology , but it also is a great example of how an iPhone app can change the way you interact with the world around you.

Oh my. That’s a whole iPhone full of apps. Well, at least a few screens worth. And I’m sure that there are more.

Did I miss yours? Let me know below in the comments so that everyone else knows about the cool apps being built here in the Silicon Forest.

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  3. Rick,

    Great article, though you missed TimeStream Software. We’ve developed over a dozen apps, with anywhere from one to four in the Top 100 of the Paid Travel category of the App Store at any given time. Most of our apps/Notescasts are related to Disney theme parks, as well as Hilton Hotels, DoubleTree, etc., and the list is expanding. You’ll find us at http://www.Notescasts.com and http://www.TimeStream-Software.com.

    Looking forward to reading future articles on PDX app development.

    Mike Westby
    TimeStream Software

  4. […] From Air Sharing to Zipcar: 40+ iPhone apps developed in the Silicon Forest (19) […]

  5. […] There was another breath of life—and anticipation—with the growing advent of mobile. Which seemed to fit Platial perfectly, by immersing people within the maps that were being created. They were even one of the first companies to produce an iPhone app, Nearby, heralding what would become a hot-bed of iPhone development here in Portland and the Silicon Forest. […]

  6. […] There was another breath of life—and anticipation—with the growing advent of mobile. Which seemed to fit Platial perfectly, by immersing people within the maps that were being created. They were even one of the first companies to produce an iPhone app, Nearby, heralding what would become a hot-bed of iPhone development here in Portland and the Silicon Forest. […]

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  9. […] that Portland? The town seems to like the whole iPhone thing. I mean, we’ve got iPhone users, incredibly popular iPhone app developers, and iPhone infrastructure plays that send out millions of messages. I might dare say that Portland […]

  10. […] that Portland? The town seems to like the whole iPhone thing. I mean, we’ve got iPhone users, incredibly popular iPhone app developers, and iPhone infrastructure plays that send out millions of messages. I might dare say that Portland […]

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  12. […] a bit of iPhone development! Recently, our managing editor, Danny, was kind enough to point out this post on one of the blogs that we at SPN have a great deal of respect for: Silicon Florist. This made me […]

  13. Two other PDX based apps:


  14. I’ve recently posted an app called I Decide! which saves you from wasting precious brain power on where to go for lunch.

  15. Funny video that parodies those famous iPhone App commercials with the Stalk-Her app that focuses on keeping track of your ex-girlfriend.

  16. Any chance you can convince the ZipCar folks to add Omaha to the list? Honestly have a pretty solid market here…

  17. This one just out: LikeItSounds from Portland-based LikeItApps. http://www.likeitapps.com

    LikeItSounds! is a game that teaches kids about homonyms. It’s great for playing in the car, at home or whenever you happen to have some time and want some smart amusement. With 50 riddles to solve, kids and adults who love words get lots of gameplay and the chance to learn new words quickly, easily and with lots of fun. The graphics are a blast, too.

  18. Thanks for the mention, and inclusion in the screen shot!
    Beer Signal 1.1 has just been submitted and is awaiting review. One of the big new features is support for multiple cities. We just added Hood River, and will be adding Eugene, Corvallis, and other cities soon!

    Also, Taplister.com is going through a re-design, and we will be re-launching it within the next few weeks. Beer fans can still use the current site to see what’s on tap, search for beers, and read the best beer blogs.

  19. Really cool mobile coupon app developed in PDX called MOBONS

  20. Oh, I forgot to mention that Kallisti was developed by Slate Technologies – We’re a web and mobile application development company based out of Portland, OR.

  21. Kallisti is the iPhone version of the Discordian “religious” text ‘The Principia Discordia’ written by Greg Hill (Malaclypse The Younger) and Kerry Thornley (Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst).

    Kallisti features the entire Principia Discordia as well as the ability to generate your own POEE Pope card, plus a Discordian date converter built right in.

    Kallisti is the perfect portable copy of the Discordian Bible.


  22. I know this is sacrilege within the bubble, but, iPhone is what? 4.6% of US mobile market? Maybe, just maybe, if it opens up beyond ATT they can reach 10%.

    Or, the typical Apple market penetration, when they are doing well.

    But, it’s pretty boutique-ish and by default elitist.

    Now, what is an iPhone App really? It’s a glorified web page on a mobile device that a mobile browser (currently) can’t handle. Anyone specializing in them now has to realize that 1 year from now, people half their age will bid on the same work at 1/10 the price and get the same results. Just like the cost of most digital production, it will disburse more widely and costs will drop. To “bank” on creating iPhone apps is suicidal, if you look at any other digital creation service model.

    I predict, the competition in this space will come faster and more furiously, because the cost of entry is negligible and, well, it’s cool.

    And, that competition will come from places like Des Moines.

    Enjoy it while you can.

    Hornet nest stirred for day.

  23. I use PDXBus every day. It’s real useful.


  24. Bedeviled is the hardest sliding puzzle game ever!


  25. We made a fun, exploratory world for toddlers called weeGiggle. It’s full of silly creatures doing funny things that will keep little ones engaged. Developed by Periscopic (http://periscopic.com). Thanks!

  26. And let’s not forget some really cool iPhone application infrastructure / plumbing: Urban Airship. Their stuff really does rock! Urban Airship allows you to get up and running with push notifications and in app purchase in a matter of minutes. They take care of the server infrastructure, scaling, and monitoring so you can focus on making sure your iPhone app takes off.

  27. There’s an audio book app that is really cool as well. Its called NewFiction.com . It sends audio books to your cell phone everyday.

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