memePDX 022: All Apple iPad, all of the time

So rather than pretend we were paying attention to other stuff, we decided to just focus memePDX into an all Apple iPad episode.

Hey there, Portland tech types! It’s another Thursday, and that means it’s time for another episode of memePDX.

Now, I’m sure there was probably some other tech news that happened this week. But, let’s be honest. We were a little wrapped up in the whole Apple announcement thing. Obsessed some might call it. So rather than pretend we were paying attention to other stuff—except my cool Portland Sucks tshirt and tagalus hitting 10,000 definitions—we decided to just focus on the one thing that had so captured our imagination. So without further ado, let’s get to the all Apple iPad episode.

Let’s get to the drooling over shiny new objects, shall we?


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(NOTE: For those audiophiles, iTunes finally booted the broken memePDX audio podcast out of the store. And that’s good news. Because now we can fix it. Stay tuned.)

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