Portland open source, startups, and mobile… oh my! The all time top 30 posts on Silicon Florist (so far)

So Silicon Florist turned three years old. And in those three years, it has featured more than 1500 posts. But what have you, gentle reader, found most appealing in those three years?

Don’t remember? Well, luckily, through the magic of analytics, we can tell. After taking a gander at the stats throughout Silicon Florist’s existence—both Web traffic and RSS traffic—30 stories bubbled to the top. What were they? Let’s take a look.

  1. Mayor Sam Adams and the City of Portland to open source, open data, and transparency communities: Let’s make this official
  2. Here’s the Deadliest Catch: Hiring an Agency to Build Your Startup
  3. Getting even more creative: Wieden + Kennedy launches Portland Incubator Experiment
  4. Community: The Secret Sauce of a Successful Internet Startup
  5. What down economy? Five Portland startups looking to hire developers and technical talent
  6. 5 best bets for Portland happy hours, cheap cocktails, and discount drafts
  7. Portland Web and graphic design community to the City: Spec work? Ur doin it wrong
  8. Wifi, caffeine, and coworking: 10+ Portland coffee shops for meeting up with Portland’s tech types
  9. Portland, Oregon, is the most entrepreneurial town in the world
  10. From Air Sharing to Zipcar: 40+ iPhone apps developed in the Silicon Forest
  11. As the Twitter turns: Chappelle’s (no) Show Portland or Dave’s not here… wait hold the phone, yes he is
  12. What are the top 20 Portland blogs?
  13. Meet the Top 100 Twitter users in Portland at Beer and Blog
  14. Oregon’s next governor: Assessing 14 candidates’ online presence and social media savvy
  15. Sadly Jive Software layoffs confirmed
  16. MioWorks closes doors but leaves with valuable startup lessons in hand
  17. Air Sharing: Vancouver iPhone app gets more than 700,000 downloads in one week
  18. 80+ WordPress designs from Portland and the Silicon Forest
  19. What are the most popular iPhone app icon colors? With Icon Rainbow, now you know
  20. Portland, Oregon, joins the ranks of the open cities, officially embracing open data and open source
  21. Portland Ten: Incubating 10 $1 million startups by 2010
  22. What’s it like to submit an application to the iPhone App Store?
  23. Portland’s top 30 tech Twitter-ers (#1 may surprise you)
  24. Hacking PDX: Compiling a geek’s guide to Portland International Airport
  25. Portland Development Commission Hosting Lunch 2.0 May 19
  26. REMINDER: Mobile Portland talks SMS, MMS, and short codes tonight
  27. Awesome women in tech: Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright
  28. Shizzow knows Portland, Oregon. Now get to know Shizzow.
  29. ExpressionEngine 2.0 sneak peek
  30. They’re in Oregon? 17+ projects that don’t get the Silicon Forest cred they deserve

So there you have it. The top 30 stories on Silicon Florist during the three years of its existence.