Month: June 2011

Meet the Startup: A conversation with Portland Mayor Sam Adams (Part 2)

Next, on a very special episode of… err I mean… Next! The thrilling conclusion to Meet the Startup‘s interview with Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

After last week’s cliffhanger, you’ll be happy to know that our hero safely jumped the canyon in his rocket car. And now, Sam has a few more things to say about the Portland startup scene. Read More

Software Association of Oregon (SAO) seeks new president

[Full disclosure: I sit on the board of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO). In that role, I also serve as a member of the marketing committee. I don’t believe this role has jaundiced my coverage, but I wanted to be open about my involvement.]

Who said nonprofits were boring? Being the president of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) certainly isn’t. The role has proven to be one of the more tumultuous executive seats here in town. Read More

Reminder: Lunch 2.0 with Portland’s Broadband Planners is Wednesday

I have to say I’m stunned that only 30-some people have RSVP’ed for Lunch 2.0 on Wednesday with the Office of Cable Communications & Franchise Management.

It must be the beautiful weather that’s distracting you or work or something else. No worries. That’s why a friendly reminder always precedes these events.

Consider yourself reminded.

Read More

Thank you, Portland

I don’t say it often enough. And I’m sorry. So thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing your stories. And your opinions. Thank you for taking an interest in what’s happening in Portland. Thank you for your criticism. And thank you for your praise.

Silicon Florist is almost four years old. And sometimes I forget how amazing those four years have been. Read More

Get two beers for the price of one: Groupon sponsors Beer and Blog Portland

You know what’s nice? Free beer. What’s even nicer? Free beer on a summer day. Nicer still is when that free beer is paid for by someone to whom you’ve given money. And nicest of all? When that free beer drinking is wedged between two awesome tech events with interesting people. Read More

Pontificating on piracy and protecting intellectual property: If COICA and PROTECT IP are wrong, why not propose what’s right?

[Editor: Given the discussions swirling online today about artistic license, fair use, and protected intellectual property—specifically around a photo used in Andy Baio’s “Kind of Bloop” project—and the letter opposing PROTECT IP from 53 VCs, it seems only appropriate to post this guest post from Lynn Fredricks. ] Read More

Open Source Bridge happy hour: Mozilla and Emma hosting a get together at the Cleaners

We’re right in the thick of it. Open Source Bridge is providing tons of good content. People are tweeting about #osb11 on the Twitters. And a whole bunch of open source types are falling in love with Portland all over again.

But unfortunately, all the fun will be over soon. But not before Mozilla and Emma throw one last shindig. So if you’re in town for Open Source Bridge, swinging by Open Source Bridge, or thinking about trying to weasel your way into an exclusive party, this post is for you. Read More

Meet the Startup: A conversation with Portland Mayor Sam Adams (Part 1)

Every day the City of Portland is hustling to make the business environment here more hospitable to those people who are looking to live and work here. And trying to make it a great place for startups. In that way, Portland is a bit of a startup itself. Trying to build something new—and reinventing the way it does things—to speak to a new target market. Read More

Five reasons your startup won’t be getting into that incubator or accelerator

New models for accelerators and incubators are becoming the cornerstone of the early stage startup. And it’s not just juggernauts like Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups. There are any number of incubators popping up all over the place.

But what’s it take to get into one of these things? And even more importantly, what are the red flags that are going to prevent you from making it into these programs? Read More