Month: October 2011

Why Portland is awesome for startups

You hear me blather on and on about how awesome Portland is for startups. I mean, it’s really good. Like one of the most entrepreneurial places in the world. I mean it.

But how do the startups themselves feel about it? Well, the Portland Development Commission went out and talked to a few of them. And here’s what they said. Read More

Portland’s Perka gets a little Fast Company love

It’s always nice to see local companies written up on a national scale in publications like Fast Company.

This time it’s Perka, a Portland company that recently came out of stealth mode. What do they do? They make your wallet slimmer—in a good way. Read More

PDC, SAO, OEN… Yahtzee! Local organizations celebrate Portland startups and entrepreneurs

There’s something interesting happening in the Portland startup scene. Um. Well duh. That’s about the most platitudinal tripe I could have thrown out there. Who am I talking to? You know that. You see it day in and day out.

But, unfortunately, not everyone does. And that’s why an alphabet soup of organizations—the Portland Development Commission (PDC), the Software Association of Oregon (SAO), and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)—are co-hosting a gathering to celebrate startups, this Thursday. Read More

Startup Weekend Portland launches 14 companies into the wild

I swear. Startup Weekend Portland gets better every time they do it. And this time? They blew all of the other Startup Weekend Portlandseseses out of the water. Maybe all Startup Weekends anywhere.

Last weekend, a standing room only crowd spent 54 hours pitching, teaming up, and building a bunch of amazing ideas. And after the dust settled, 14 companies took the stage to demo their solutions. Read More

Meet the Startup: Discovering more details about Geoloqi

For many developers and consumers in Portland, geolocation falls near and dear to their hearts. Whether it’s hacking maps, working with GPS, or using open data to provide interesting details about locations.

And when it comes to Portland startups, no one is more invested in geolocation technology than Geoloqi, a platform that allows any developer to add geolocation functionality to their apps. Read More

Bend Venture Conference likes the sound of Audioname

While a whole new crop of startups are currently being pitched and formed at the latest version of Startup Weekend Portland, the winning company from the last Startup Weekend just managed to wow a crowd of investors in Bend—and land a bit more capital. Read More

Boot-y call: Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) lands grant to build startup accelerator “boot camps” statewide

If you’re in the tech scene, you’re well aware of the incubator and accelerator renaissance going on right now. It seems like every day a new organization arises to ensure startups have more resources to move faster and further than they would on their own. But that’s not always happening in your backyard. Read More

Playing musical board members: Portland’s Rumblefish taps former Pandora board member

Rumblefish continues to reinvigorate its business—and its prominence in the music space.

Now, that effort has attracted someone with a great deal of experience in the realm of licensing and sharing music. Harry DeMott has joined its Board of Directors. Read More

Your favorite Portland blog is having a meetup. And you’re invited.

When it comes to blogs, Portland has got quite a few. But one Portland blog stands above all others. And now, that blog is having a meetup. So you should go.

That’s right. ReadWriteWeb is inviting you to meet with the RWW team and have a beverage or two. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting acquainted with the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)

Sometimes, Meet the Startup needs to branch out a bit. To talk to the folks who help make Meet the Startup happen. And to chat with the organizations who are helping entrepreneurs.

This is one of those weeks. Take a few moments to get to know Linda Weston from the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) and learn more about their efforts to support Oregon’s startups. Read More

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