Month: April 2012

Who has social media chops? Find out at the SoMe Awards

It’s that time of year again. Time to roll out the red carpet. And to bestow an award or two upon deserving folks in the world of social media.

That’s right. The SoMe Awards are back for their 4th year. Read More

Pitch Club: I am Jack’s complete lack of practice

C’mon. You know it’s true. Your pitch isn’t as good as it could be.

And why is that? No. Nope. No, sorry. The truth is your pitch is weak because you don’t practice it enough. You know it. I know it. And everyone who hears your pitch knows it. Read More

All your Sybase are belong to us: Urban Airship takes on push notifications for Sybase 365

Urban Airship is already leading the field for push notifications—those little messages that apps on smart phones can send you. But their latest deal has them stepping into the enterprise market in a big way.

Urban Airship just announced a partnership with Sybase to provide push to their network of nearly 1000 mobile operators and OEM partners. Read More

Finding Portland. And finding it beautiful and awesome.

Most startups are looking to hire talent. And with a lot of Portland startups, that means importing talent. Convincing people to move here. And really trying to give them a feel for what Portland is like. Read More

Obscene and enthusiastic things people have said about Marshall Kirkpatrick’s startup

Not only is this a great example of curating comments from Twitter, it’s just plain entertaining.

What’s more? People really seem to like Marshall Kirkpatrick‘s startup, Plexus Engine. Read More

Columbia Sportswear app: It’s like Path for offroad journeys

If you build outdoor gear for exploring the wilderness, you kind of want your customers out exploring that wilderness. Not simply tromping around the urban jungle.

And that’s why Columbia Sportswear has built a mobile app. To get you off the beaten path. Read More

This is Oregon. And don’t you forget it.

Sometimes, even those of us who have lived here for years and years forget—or at least conveniently ignore—the majesty that surrounds us here in Oregon. Luckily, there are a bunch of creative folks working hard to remind us. Like the This is Oregon crew. Read More

With your help, the hottest startup at Under the Radar could be a Portland company

You know I constantly crow about how awesome Portland startups are. But now, some of our startups have a chance to be recognized on a much bigger stage.

Under the Radar—a conference that features up and coming startups—has selected three Portland companies as part of VentureBeat’s “Hottest startups at Under the Radar.” Read More

TechCrunch has a Portland outpost

File under “better late than never.”

I just realized that, earlier this month, Frederic Lardinois—an awesome tech blogger with whom I had the pleasure of working during a short stint at ReadWriteWeb—has joined the ranks of TechCrunch. Frederic lives Portland. Read More

Four day work week? Something tells me Treehouse is going to fit right in

Last week, Treehouse announced that they had landed $4.75 million in funding and revealed that they were relocating their corporate headquarters to Portland.

That was big news, last week. This week? It’s that Treehouse has built a successful business working a four day week. Read More

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