Month: October 2012

Urban Airship and Cloudability investor Brad Feld talks startups communities, entrepreneurs, and Portland

While Portland is still relatively immature as a startup community, we’re making strides in the right direction. And we’re beginning to track on the “Boulder Thesis,” a concept championed by Brad Feld—cofounder of TechStars and Foundry Group, an investor in Portland companies Urban Airship and Cloudability—in his book Startup Communities. Read More

Mobile app development in Oregon accounts for half a billion dollars in economic impact

Oregon was recently named as one of the top states for mobile app development. And if you’ve been paying any attention, whatsoever, to our startup scene? That probably comes as little surprise. But what might be surprising is how much of an economic impact those mobile apps are driving: It’s a hair more than $500 million in total. Read More

It's like an olive branch of awesomeness: Startup Weekend Eugene offers Portlanders a steep discount

Sure. I get it. Traveling to Eugene can be a bit of haul. But many of you seem to find excuses to make the trip fairly regularly on Saturdays in the fall. So now here’s another reason to head south this autumn: Startup Weekend Eugene, this weekend. Read More

Meet the Startup: Bellying up to Taplister

After some retooling and rethinking with the help of Upstart Labs, Portland-based Taplister has re-emerged with its latest iteration. Meet the Startup took a few moments to catch up with Kerry Finsand to hear what’s new and improved in the latest offering. Read More

So that happened: Six new startups debut at PIE Demo Day Fall 2012

[Full disclosure: I work for PIE.] Last Friday, as promised, six new startups emerged from PIE—the startup accelerator cosponsored by Wieden+Kennedy—to take the stage at the Armory to share the stories of the companies they had built during the program. Read More

REMINDER: PIE Demo Day is Friday — and, yes, it will be livestreamed

[Full disclosure: I work for PIE.] The wait is almost over. We’re about 24 hours away from a whole new crop of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) startups taking the stage. And even though the event has been sold out for weeks, they’d like to invite you to attend—from the comfort of your own Web browser. Read More

If you love Elemental Technologies, lend your vote to the Streaming Media Readers' Choice awards

We know that Portland-based Elemental Technologies—the second fastest growing software company in the US—is doing some amazing work. But not everyone does. So if you’d like to help change that, here’s a really good opportunity to do so. Read More

Thinking about grabbing a cold one? New and improved Taplister can help

Taplister may not be a new name to you Portland types. But thanks to the folks at Upstart Labs, Taplister has reimagined their beer finding service—and it’s worth a second look. Read More

That's the ticket: GlobeSherpa lands TriMet mobile ticketing business

Portland Seed Fund alum GlobeSherpa holds the promise of using smartphones to solve any number of public transit ticketing issues. But that promise needed to be validated by a customer. Read More

Where are they now? Urban Airship unveils location aware push notifications

When Portland-based Urban Airship acquired SimpleGeo, last year around this time, the promise of location-aware mobile communications came into stark focus. And while throwing something together quickly could have worked, UA was concerned that they deliver a service that worked exactly the right way. Read More

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