Favery makes pinning more productive

Yes, I’m on Pinterest. Yes, I’m comfortable with that. I do it for research and stuff. Or something. And as part of that research, I notice some interesting trends and behaviors. I mean, besides tons of awesome Star Wars stuff.

Allow me to explain.

As I’m perusing any number of pins, I find people gathering sets of things they want. Haircuts they might get. Boots they might buy. Clothes they might wear. Food they might want to make.

It’s a great repository. But where is the decision? Apart from likes and repins, there’s really no way to make a decision about what to do with all this stuff we’ve collected. Which really just makes us candidates for the next episode of Hoarders. I mean, if I watched that show.


So what if you could use Pinterest-like functionality to get your friends to help you decide? Enter Favery, an Upstart Labs alum that does exactly that.

Favery is the place to gather ideas and get advice from friends to help make life and style decisions – from fashion to decorating, entertaining to beauty and everything in between.

You can easily post ideas on visual bulletin boards and get feedback, suggestions and opinions through polls and other discussion options. Favery enables you to create a dialogue around the details of an event or activity with those whose style you love and trust.

It’s like pinning with a purpose.

To give it a try, visit Favery, follow @myfavery on Twitter, or like Favery on Facebook. And if you’d like to follow me, I’m Turoczy on Favery.

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