Month: January 2013

Something new in the cards: Portland Startup Poker 2.0

There are any number of opportunities in the Portland startup scene for people to pitch or geek out or present. But the pure social events are often few and far between. So, it’s nice to see new additions in that regard. Here’s one: If you’re into the cards and low-impact socializing, Portland has launched a Startup Poker 2.0 group. Read More

The startup revolution will be televised: KATU launches Stumptown Startups to cover Portland startup scene

Sometimes, wishes do come true. Case in point: I’m always lamenting the fact that there aren’t more resources dedicated to covering all of the awesome startups here in Portland. With a wealth of activity, there should be more outlets covering it. And now that wish has been fulfilled. Another local news source has joined the ranks covering startups. Read More

More Portland resources for learning to code: Portland Code School and Code Scouts

It’s no secret that it’s a good time to be a coder. Everyone with the semblance of an idea, an early stage startup, or a going concern is looking to hire talented developers. So that talent is in short supply. Very short supply.

But there is hope. Read More

The sooner, the better: ChickTech aims to get more high school girls involved in tech

I’m always a fan of projects that increase the diversity of the tech world and the startup scene. I’ve also been incredibly impressed with how young entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunities before them—sometimes while they’re still in high school. Portland’s ChickTech is hoping to showcase some of that talent. Read More

If you're not with the things, you're against the things: Join Thing Tuesday and work with the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things“—the idea that objects can interact with the Internet—is a term bandied about with increasing frequency. But for somewhere as geeky as Portland, there hasn’t been a collective presence of folks to muck with the concept. Until now. Read More

Mozlandia: Seattle-based SEOmoz announces plans for a Portland office

Following on the heels of a couple of Portland-based acquisitions, Seattle’s SEOmoz has decided to open a Portland office.

“Mozlandia,” if you will. Read More

Pulling the right strings: Puppet Labs lands $30 million investment from VMware

If January is any indication, the Portland startup scene is in for an interesting year. First, Janrain announced a big round of investment. Now, Puppet Labs has landed a $30 million strategic investment from VMware. Read More

It's like it was made for Portland: APIs & IPAs happy hour, January 24

Portland loves its tech. And Portland loves its craft beers. So why not lump the two of them together for a happy hour? That’s exactly what Singly is doing, this Thursday, with APIs & IPAs Portland. Read More

Seattle field trip: Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure powered by TechStars

It’s always nice to take a look at what’s happening in other startup scenes. Yesterday, I was up north at the—deep breath—Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, powered by TechStars Demo Day on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. All told, 10 new companies came out of the Accelerator, the first based on Azure. Read More

Oldie but a goodie: Playfic brings text-based adventure game development and publishing to the Web

As a teenager, I got pulled into Infidel, a text-based adventure game. So much so, I banged out my own text-based games in BASIC, saved them to five-and-a-quarter floppies, and shared them with… well no one, because I was one of the only kids in my small town who had a home computer. Read More

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