Month: July 2013

Meet the Startup: Getting the rundown on eROI and the Why Project

Even companies that have been around for a decade started as startups. And their founders have great insights into what it takes to be an entrepreneur—both ups and downs. Such is the case with Ryan Buchanan who cofounded eROI more than 10 years ago. Read More


Take off those tap shoes, startups: SEC allows general solicitation

Sometimes, the law does catch up with modern behavior. I wasn’t around when prohibition was repealed. But the romanticized historical view seems to be that there were an awful lot of people drinking illegally at the time. And so trying to legislate morality didn’t work that well. Read More

Oregon Business op-ed: Startups drive the new economy

As you well know, I could prattle on and on about the Portland—and Oregon—startup scenes. For hours. And pages. And days. But it’s always nice to take on the challenge of trying to be concise. Because, honestly, I suck at it. But Oregon Business was kind enough to give me a platform to describe why I think their readers should be paying attention to the startup scene. Read More

Managing messaging more mindfully: Urban Airship unveils in-app messaging

Push notifications. On one hand, they can be awesome. Delivering exactly the information you need at exactly the right time from those apps you love. At other times however? They can be an unwelcome distraction or needless interruption. Read More

It's stormy in Portland… well, brainstormy anyway: Planet Argon and Opal take different approaches to getting us thinking

Portland is a town of creatives. And creatives do a lot of thinking. So it should come as no surprise that there are a couple of Portland startups focused on helping people do a better job of thinking. And brainstorming. Read More

REMINDER: Into the Internet of Things? Well, it's Thing Tuesday in Portland, again

Just a quick reminder that it’s Tuesday. You’re welcome. Oh wait. And it’s also one of those special Tuesdays. It’s a Thing Tuesday, where the Portland Internet of Things aficinados gather to discuss and demo and whatnot. And you’re invited. Read More

Use Ember? Get ready to be happy (even if you don't). Tom Dale is moving to Portland.

Just heard some potentially squee-worthy news. Much like Joe Stump, Ryan Carson, Simple, and Puppet Labs—and any number of talented tech types before him—Tom Dale has decided to move to Portland. It’s a bit of a coup for our open source and startup scenes—and a huge credit to the amazing city that is Portland. Read More

Cool factor: Gartner recognizes Portland startup Accumulus as a "Cool Vendor"

Portland is a platform town. We excel at providing services that make things easier for other companies. Urban Airship, Janrain, and the recently acquired AppFog are just a few examples of these types of companies. And one of the up-and-coming platform plays is getting a little recognition. Meet Accumulus, a company just recognized as a “Cool Vendor” by leading analyst firm Gartner. Read More

Craving a new adventure? The Clymb may have just what you need

While Portland boasts some of the most successful outdoor and athletic apparel brands around, we’re not exactly a haven for retail outlets. Local startup The Clymb is hoping to change that. And they’re offering up a few Adventures to further stake their claim to the online retail space for outdoor. Read More

Fireworks on the Fourth of July are so this year. Next year, you'll want hackable smart LED lights from Lumenplay.

I’m not saying any of you would do this, but there’s always that one house on the block. That one that leaves its holiday lights up all year round. Not that they turn them on, mind you. But they’re up. Read More

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