Month: March 2014

Digimarc on DissidentX: From sharing movies to sharing politics, the creator of BitTorrent seeks to protect dissidents with his next innovation

[Editor: When I heard about the creator of BitTorrent getting into steganography, I was admittedly intrigued. So the first thing I did was ping some of my former coworkers at Digimarc to get their take. Here’s what our local experts in steganography had to say.] Read More

Headed to SXSW? Whether you're a Portlander or simply Portland curious, join us Monday, March 10, at 5PM

While it doesn’t seem like a huge contingent of Portland types are headed down to SXSW, this year, there are a few of us. Urban Airship is doing their Mobile Saturday gathering. Some folks are speaking. And the folks at SXSW were kind enough to host a get together for Portland people and the people who’d like to know a little more about Portland. Read More

Admit it. You could really use a cofounder right about now, couldn't you? Well, get ready to be happy.

It’s difficult isn’t it? Grinding it out on the project. Evening after evening. No one gets it. Everyone questions you. But you know it’s got potential. If only you had someone who shared your vision. Well, what you need is a solid cofounder. Someone who complements your skills. And helps you build this amazing idea into a company. Read More

Now, digital content isn't the only thing you can buy through your TV: Portland's Chirpify launches #actiontags for TV

We’ve become very comfortable with the concept of buying movies and television shows from the comfort of our living room. And we already tweet a ton about what we’re watching. Well now, Portland’s Chirpify is going to combine those behaviors to extend that buying power to any number of products—with simply a tweet. Read More