Time to give back: Supporting an entrepreneur who has supported many of us, Shelley Gunton

There are so many people in the Portland startup scene who take time to help other folks out. It’s just kind of how we do things around here. Making connections, providing mentorship, and helping people navigate the community. Perhaps no one has been more helpful in this regard than Shelley Gunton. Now, she could use some help from us.

Many of you know Shelley Gunton, entrepreneur extraordinaire (founder of Castor & Pollux Pet Food) and tireless supporter of all things entrepreneurial in Portland. Some of you may not know that Shelley was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this spring. She is fighting hard – but needs the troops to support her. You ask how?

Here’s how: Join Team Shelley at the Portland Brain Tumor Walk. It’s Sunday, July 27 from 8am-noon. You can join in person or you can donate. Go to http://events.braintumor.org/portland-brain-tumor-walk/ to sign up or to donate. Be sure to click on “Team Shelley” if you join or donate.

For more information, please feel free to comment on the Portland Startups Switchboard post.

(Image courtesy Grant Hutchinson. Used under Creative Commons.)

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