Month: July 2016

I miss you

Hey. How have you been? It’s been a while. You’re looking good. And that new thing that you’re working on…? Yeah. It’s awesome. Really. So cool that you’re doing that. But honestly, we’ve all been so busy I feel like we’ve lost touch. And as much as I enjoy being snarky with you on the Twitters, seeing your adventures on Instagram, and sharing Snapchat filters, it would actually be really really good to see you in person. You know, all IRL and shit. Read More

It's like summer camp for makers: Maker Land

People are always talking about how folks from Oregon love the outdoors. They’re also always talking about how folks around here love to make things, from hobbyist pursuits to full blown businesses. And there was a time when we had more camps per capita than any tech community. Camp camp campy camp. So why not combine all of those things? That’s exactly what Max Ogden is doing with Maker Land. Read More

Calling all Python types: PyDX 2016 call for proposals ends this weekend

While PyDX 2016 is still a ways off, the call for proposals is almost ready to close. So if you’re part of the Python community and want to talk at the event, you better get it on it. Applications close July 31, 2016. Read More

Videos in the stream, that is what we are: Warner Music Group first major label to partner with Portland's Vadio

Portland’s Amazon outpost, Elemental Technologies, isn’t the only company making waves in the world of streaming video. Vadio, a company that has been quietly helping folks access and stream video content, is making some interesting moves of its own. Like the announcement today that they’ve signed their first major label, Warner Music Group. Read More

Reflecting on the importance of Reflect's seed funding announcement

At first blush—and without context—something like today’s news from Portland startup Reflect might seem like a standard run of the mill funding announcement. The stuff the Bay Area sees umpteen times a day. But within the context of what’s happening around here in Portland? I see any number of interesting facets to this announcement. Read More

Silver lining: Portland post mortems on startup failures provide guidance to would be founders

In the world of startups, you always hear about “embracing failure.” That you need to be prepared. That your company may fail. That the vast majority of startup pursuits do. But being prepared—or at least thinking you’re prepared—doesn’t make it any easier. I get that. And that’s why I’m always appreciative when founders take the time to share what they’ve learned. Read More

A sequel that promises to be better than the original: Pitch Black 2016

Some folks love inaugural events. Me? I’m more a fan of watching the growth, maturation, and progression of events as they take place again and again. There’s something to the repetition. And the ongoing improvement over time. That’s why I’m really looking forward to attending the second iteration of Portland’s Pitch Black. Read More

Chatting with Output PDX about the Portland startup community

Remember that new video interview series, I mentioned? Well, I got the chance to sit down with them to record an interview, recently. And now it’s available. If you’ve already eaten lunch, you may want to hold off. I don’t want to be responsible for you dozing off at work. Read More

Summer school: Notion's School of Little Data kicks off. (Don't worry. It's a happy hour.)

Sure. It’s summer break. But when it comes to getting more out of your data, there’s no vacation. Just more learning. That’s why Portland startup Notion is inviting you to the kickoff of their School of Little Data. Read More

Coming out of stealth: StackPath decloaks, revealing a regional office in Portland

Portland is getting so popular for regional offices that we’ve even got regional startup offices in stealth mode. In fact, for months, I’ve been sitting a stone’s throw from the Portland contingent of an impressive company that just revealed what they’re building. Meet StackPath. Read More

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