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Vancouver chamber launches incubator for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs on the north side of the Columbia River, the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce has a new program aimed at supporting new businesses.

“AgeTech” companies court digital seniors

As the pandemic has coaxed older people to get more nimble with technology— even trolling TikTok to check out their grandkids’ posts — tech companies are increasingly catering to their needs.

These are the things nobody ever talks about

Hana Mohan is an entrepreneur and the founder of MagicBell, a plug-and-play notifications inbox geared toward developers building their own products. Most recently, she was the first openly transgender woman to go through Y Combinator. In 2016, while working on her previous business, SupportBee, she transitioned. Hana has written extensively about entrepreneurship and being a transgender woman, covering topics like gender dysphoria, cis-passing, surgeries as a transgender person, and HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Startup Taxes & Financials 101 with Adam Spector, CEO of AbstractOps and Guests

Startup taxes, bookkeeping, accounting and financial management are often the most dreaded, yet most critical components of running a startup. Many early stage startups fail due to their their lack of planning and prioritizing their financials or due to limited knowledge on the subject. On this fifth installment of “Mastering Startup Operations” series, we will discuss how to optimize best practices for managing financials for early stage startups, including the pitfalls to avoid and more. There will also be a long Q&A portion where we will answer audience questions, so join us for this exciting event and come ready with your questions.

How to Be a Better Angel Investor: Lessons Learned from Around the World

Angel investors can play a key role in helping a startup recruit a team, raise funding, generate traction, and ultimately grow the business. However, there are many cases where angels produce little impact, or even a negative impact. On this live online event you can hear from experienced entrepreneurs and angels that have supported dozens of businesses – across several continents, sectors, and stages – and learn their best practices for sourcing opportunities and providing immense value to startups.

Intel is putting $1B behind tech startups

Intel is launching a $1 billion fund to support startups or other companies building technology for the foundry ecosystem. That could include novel intellectual property, software tools, chip architecture or advanced packaging, all with the common theme of technology that speeds products to market.

FutureTalks: Future of You, Right Within

February’s FutureTalks will focus on the healing we all need in order to create the best foundation for our future self. Tracy Williams, New Relic’s Chief People and Diversity Officer will facilitate this virtual fireside chat with Minda Harts exploring her journey to writing her new book, Right Within. In this intimate discussion with Minda and Tracy we’ll be exploring courageous conversations, bold teachings when healing from racial traumas, and what tech companies can do to integrate courageous practices for all getting Right Within for their future.