Silicon Florist links arrangement for February 9, 2022 💐

25 Reasons to Love Portland: Our Annual Valentine to the City

Not that long ago, everyone had a crush on Portland. These days, we’d be lucky to get even one swipe right.

Stuck in KUOW purgatory: Seattle Mazda drivers can’t change the radio dial

Over the past couple of weeks, some people who listen to KUOW in their Mazdas say their car radio is permanently stuck on 94.9 FM. It’s only affecting KUOW, Mazdas from 2016, and we have no idea why.

Sequoia’s invisible hand: How Roelof Botha became one of the most powerful people in venture capital

Roelof Botha used to write 109 on the corner of his notepad every week when he started at Sequoia 19 years ago. It was a shorthand to keep himself focused on picking exceptional startups to deliver his private goal of $1 billion in total gains. It was also a milestone that he felt would mean he would have had a measurable impact on the venture firm.

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Community Masters: The Ultimate Community Building Guide

Community Masters is a FREE 377-page, in-depth guide to building communities; from our own experiences building and scaling a Discord server to 50,000 members and our own community app to 120,000 members and 2200 communities. 1000+ events, 10 million+ voice minutes and 3 years later, we’re ready to unpack all our secrets.

Viewpoint: State leaders must put together stronger behavioral health plan

Historically, businesses have pushed aside the mental wellness of their employees, prioritizing the “bottom line.” Yet given what we know now, a healthy bottom line means employing a physically and mentally healthy workforce. Many reports highlight that the “Great Resignation” is a result of employees having time during Covid to reflect on their needs.

SEC targets VC firms with sweeping new rules

The SEC on Wednesday voted to put a series of sweeping new venture capital rules out for public comment. If adopted as written, the rules would prevent VC firms from charging a raft of fees and expenses to their clients. They would also prohibit funds from offering “preferential treatment” to select investors.

Portland-based cybersecurity firm sold for $350M

Belden Inc., a Missouri-based supplier of specialty networking products and services, is divesting Tripwire, which it said generated more than $100 million in revenue in the most recent fiscal year.

In this article I’ll be showing how to query the Product Hunt API to collect data. We collected information from all the featured products from Product Hunt’s 8-year history to determine how many of them still exist online or have disappeared into the tech wilderness. Along the way we’ll also discover other interesting insights into the dataset.