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Shades of Entrepreneurship podcast: Owner of Creatively Insane, Gabriel Flores

Do you ever look back on the past and get embarrassed about something you did a decade ago? Don’t feel bad – we all do it, and we feel that way because we have matured. This is a self-narrated episode featuring the life story of a podcast host, an entrepreneur, and an indigenous migrant worker.

Minsky Moments in Venture Capital

Hyman Minsky was a 20th-century economist whose ‘financial instability hypothesis’ is probably the best-known explanation for the boom and bust cycles that characterize public financial markets. But there’s far less examination — in fact, there’s almost none — of how Minsky dynamics apply to private markets.

Times are great for programmers now. How does it end?

I’m certainly happy with the current state of affairs, but I can’t help but wonder: How does it end? Things are obviously good for us programmers and we would certainly like for them to stay this way. Business owners, on the other hand, are not quite happy.

how I think when I think about programming

I don’t attempt to teach programming per se. I don’t cover all the details needed to write a program that compiles and runs. there are very many guides for that. I don’t discuss computer science, nor do I get into type theory, though both of these topics can serve as a highly eluciditory basis for understanding programming. I talk about “fundamentals” a lot, but my fundamentals aren’t a set of overarching theories. just a bag of tools. my goal is to impart some general heuristics about how to think about programming for the subset of people who happen to think like me

A Return To Fundamentals

With the public markets bringing high flyers back to reality, you can now buy the best companies out there at multiples of earnings and profits that make some sense in a historical context. And we are seeing reports that many mutual funds and hedge funds are leaving the private markets because the values in the public markets are so compelling. All of this is healthy.

Startup Digest Portland – Issue #89

A weekly email of the best events and meetups for entrepreneurs in Portland.

The Forest Report

The latest from the Silicon Forest job board

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