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I Did Marketing In A Failing Start-Up — Here Are The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Spotted There

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, this article might be helpful to you in terms of what to avoid in your own company. If you’re simply a marketer, read on anyway — some points could be applied to your current company as well.

That broken tech/content culture cycle

Step 1: Build a platform which relies on cultural creation as its core value, but which only sees itself as a technology platform. Stick to this insistence on being solely a “neutral” tech company in every aspect of decision-making, policy, hiring and operations, except for your public advertising, where the message is entirely about creativity and expression.

A list of startups in Seattle building crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies

The Seattle region is home to several budding startups developing a bevy of products and services related to crypto (digital currency), blockchain (distributed ledger-based technology), and Web3 (blockchain-based internet). We reached out to industry leaders and compiled the list below; scroll down to read more about the companies.

Portland beverage startup has foodcart, can plans in 2022

2022 will be a big year for Affouet Price and her beverage startup Hibisbloom. She is working on big changes to her packaging and a physical location for fans of her products to gather.

Partners and Investors: Why every startup needs both

Venture capital today is dominated by two kinds of money: a partner mindset, and an investor mindset. Partners come with advice, wisdom, and bonus consulting that startup founders need desperately as they manage their fireball of a business. Fast money from investors is exactly what it sounds like: The investor mindset makes a decision quickly, closes the deal with both minimal fuss and distraction for the management team, and moreover with few-to-no strings or governance attached.

A new catalyst for Central Oregon entrepreneurs

The nonprofit Economic Development for Central Oregon, or EDCO, named Deanne Buck as its new Venture Catalyst Director. Buck replaces Brian Vierra, who held the role for seven years, but left last year and joined the startup TrovaTrip. She takes over the role Feb. 28.

First person: Takeaways from Portland’s PitchBlack

As a newcomer to Portland, PitchBlack was one of the first community events I attended. I was shocked in the greatest way possible at the joy that filled the room and the community on hand to support some of city’s brightest startups. Portlanders know how to make someone feel welcome, and they know how to pitch ideas as well. Here are two takeaways from the evening.