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OEN brings back PubTalk, with a slightly different format

The retooled event will be monthly, mostly. The group will take May, September and November off, since those months will have other big OEN events: Angel Oregon bioscience, Angel Oregon Food and the annual awards show. PubTalk will also be off in August when many people take time off.

How to Define Product Market Fit For Your Startup

Despite PMF being the central goal of an early-stage startup, it is not well defined. In fact, almost every definition of PMF I’ve seen from investors and entrepreneurs is different — and often conflicting. For example, some people will say a flat retention curve, others say when 40% of your customers say they would be “very disappointed” without your product, while others say it is when your customers spontaneously tell other people about your product.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Winning Pitch

The most important thing to remember is there is no way that you will be able to tell your whole story. You’ve been working on this company for quite a while now — a few minutes just won’t cut it. Your goal is not to walk away with an investment — it’s to get them to notice you, to remember you, and to want to continue the conversation. So in a sea of tens of other pitches, you must strive to be memorable. And these guidelines should help you do just that.

8 Things Investors Wish You Knew About Building a Pitch Deck

The great tragedy of the pitch deck is that dozens of rock-solid startups get overlooked due to a mediocre deck. Because of the sheer number of pitches that most investors receive, pitch decks and brief financials end up being the default way for funds to comb through the noise and decide who gets a callback.

How to Pitch Your Startup to Me

Okay, let’s be honest, there’s no obvious connection between your startup and me. You found my name on a list, or by searching LinkedIn for “angel investor,” and sent me a generic message without even looking over my profile.

Ten Times Startups Spoke Out on Policy in the Last 10 Years

As Engine turns 10, we’re celebrating a decade of work to #StandWithStartups and how we’ve raised the startup perspective for policymakers in D.C. Here are the 10 biggest ways that startups have influenced policy conversations in the last 10 years.

Are the good times over for startups?

“If you are a special company, you are still getting the valuation you want,” said Mark Sherman, managing director at Telstra Ventures. “But I would say the more ‘meat and potato’ companies are probably down 20 percent in January-February in relation to November-December—some more, some less.”

Wedge Partners with Sila Adding Speed and Security to Smart Debit Card

“Wedge, the first smart debit card that lets users pay for everyday purchases with any asset, announced a strategic partnership with Sila Inc., a premier fintech software platform that provides payment infrastructure as a service.

The Current State of Diversity in Entrepreneurship

People from marginalized groups have often started their own ventures as a response to workplace discrimination, but these entrepreneurs frequently lack adequate funding or access to support networks. Making entrepreneurship more inclusive will require increased access to capital, active local support networks and well-funded accelerator programs.

How a Portland startup aims to remake data infrastructure

With Quine, developers get a “streaming graph” and can take huge amounts of data and interpret meaning based on any number of event triggers, said founder and CEO Ryan Wright.

Introducing Path Builder – How Our Customers Help Us See The Possible

What we learned is to really give engineering teams a powerful tool we not only need to guide them in how to build technical learning, we need to give them the ability to adapt those best practices to their company culture, practices, and tech stack.